The TT Match Verdict – Tiverton Town 0-1 TUFC, 20th July 19

Ryan Etches – @ryanetches

Match Summary:

After the 3 high quality matches we’ve enjoyed so far this pre-season, there was bound to be 1 that didn’t quite hit the same heights. That game was Tiverton away.

The starting 11 was heavily rotated from the 3-1 defeat of Plymouth. Shaun MacDonald continued in goal, Wynter and Vincent were the full backs and realistically they will be until Liam Davis’ return from abdominal surgery. Kyle Cameron, who took the captains armband today, was partnered with the young Evans at centre back.

The starters in midfield were Ruairi Keating, Armani Little, Matt Buse and a South Devon college player, with Koszela and a trialist up front.


It took around 20 minutes for the first chance to be created by either side, Olaf chased down a wayward pass into the corner. He picked his head up and played it into Keating who didn’t seem to get hold of it very well and it went straight at the keeper, low to his left.

10 minutes later and Tiverton had the Torquay back line chasing Levi Landricombe as he sped towards Shaun MacDonald in goal. When faced with a 1 on 1, Landricombe attempted to chip it over Shaun, who was wise to it and made the save easily.

Torquay took the ball straight up the other end and after a mix up in the home defence, Koszela found himself free. His effort on goal was saved before Slough chased down the rebound and was fouled in the box. Penalty Torquay.

Armani Little took the ball and placed it on the spot confidently. A short run up and he placed it coolly in the top right corner. 1-0 Torquay.

A couple of half chances followed for Torquay who were on the front foot until half time.

Gary made 4 subs at half time, Wynter, Cameron, Vincent and 1 of the SDC lads off with Baxter, Hall, Price (SDC) and Kalala coming on in their place.

Chances were few and far between in the second half for either side. Tivy had the best opportunities to score after hitting the post and the bar.

70 minutes on the clock and we saw the next lot of subs made. MacDonald, Price and Trialist A coming off and Collings, Reid and Duku coming on.


The game fizzled out after that, subs made by both teams killed any rhythm that was there.

All in all, a good run out for the younger lads and a few more minutes in the tank for the first teamers. This game won’t stick in the memory for very long. On to the next one!


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One thought on “The TT Match Verdict – Tiverton Town 0-1 TUFC, 20th July 19

  1. Hi team,
    Hope you don’t mind me flagging up a couple of errors in the otherwise excellent report on the Tivvie match.I don’t think the announcer was very clear!
    It was young Louie Slough who partnered Kyle and later Asa at centre back. It was his first full match in front of a very proud grandad, Alan Slough, a Luton and Fulham legend and assistant manager to Bruce Rioch at Plainmoor(they bith played in the same schoolboys’ team in Luton) . Also, Chris Slough, Louie’s dad was there, well known Torquay local footballer and a star of my Oldway school team county championship side, playing for teams in the Western and Southern league during his successful career.
    The second slight error, I believe young Koczela was felled for the penalty?
    Well done on all the brilliant reporting and articles,they are much appreciated.
    Michel Thomas


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