A Catch Up With – Kyle Cameron

“He brought us a freedom and attacking style of play that is great to be a part of” KC on GJ

“When Kyle Cameron’s name was mentioned this summer for sponsorship, TT snapped the club’s hands off. The big Geordie was simply outstanding in his first season at Plainmoor, displaying brilliant consistency and leadership to help us take the NLS crown. I was delighted therefore, when Kyle kindly agreed to answer some questions from TT. Here is what the defender had to say” Dom


Hi Kyle thanks for talking to us – after a long time without a game you must be raring to get going again?

Of course it’s always a miss over the off-season not kicking a ball but it’s good in a way. It makes you hungry for when you come back to get straight back into it and keeps things fresh. I think when everyone gets back from the off-season they want to get back into the games as soon as possible, because that normally means less running in training!! The first National League game can’t come quick enough.

How are the new lads settling in so far and just how tough has training been?

The new lads are settling in well, they all seem comfortable with the boys and have come out of their shells reasonably quickly, I think the team bonding at ‘clip and climb’ has helped them a lot. On the training side of things it’s been alright, pre-season is always tough but the gaffer has been putting in as much ball work as he can, so it’s good that they aren’t just lining us up and running us into the ground. We’ve all come back fit and rearing to go, so I think we are slightly ahead of schedule so that’s allowed for more ball work to be done which is always good!

Rewind a year and you made the move down to United, were you confident in your ability to be a success at Plainmoor?

I think you always have to be confident and believe in yourself or what’s the point? I had offers to go on trial elsewhere a little higher during pre-season, but at this stage in my career it was all about games and when Gary Owers rang me up I was almost guaranteed game time as long as I was performing, so it was a no-brainer. There was no point in me taking a risk going to a NL or LG2 club and making up numbers and only playing a handful of games. For me and my development I need to be playing week-in week-out. So I was very thankful for the opportunity I got at Torquay and I felt like I really grasped it. Now I want to prove myself in this league and keep trying to improve under the gaffer.

The arrival of GJ turned our season around. In your eyes what do you think makes him such a top manager?

His experience, his man-management, the fact he came in and it just felt like the chains had been lifted further up the pitch. He brought us a freedom and attacking style of play that is great to be a part of. I’m sure it’s very exciting to watch from the side-line, especially at home. He came in with his philosophy and everyone bought into it and believed in it, more importantly it worked and got us promoted.

18-19 was not short of special moments for the Yellow Army- but what were your highlights?

To pick out certain moments is hard, there was a lot of ups and not a lot of downs. If I had to pick out a few it would be Woking away without a doubt, scoring my first TQ goal and securing the league at home to Eastbourne. It was a great season and one I’ll never forget.

Your 1st goal for TUFC didn’t arrive until March, why did it take so long and can you bag more in 19-20?

I’m not sure really, I came close a few times before that but just couldn’t find the back of the net. By the time it arrived, it was just a sheer relief really. It came at a great time to be honest, as it was an important game for us at Concord. We knew they hadn’t been beaten much at home so we needed to be solid and more than likely were going to nick it with a set-piece or a clever bit of play. Thankfully I could help provide the header to win it!

“With our pace an power upfront we should cause all sorts of problems this season, just like last” – KC 

Talking of goals, which one was your goal of the season- Asa v Truro or Reidy v Concord? And just how good was Reidy last season?

For me it has to be Asa, on his weaker foot and a long way out. It was brilliant! Reidy was great last season, obviously without his goals we wouldn’t of got promoted, so he played a big part. He could have scored 50 odd with the positions he was finding himself in but I think 32 will do. He’s always getting chances in games which is the main thing and 9/10 he’ll produce the finish. I’m sure if he keeps improving this season he can produce the same kind of outcome again. With our pace an power upfront we should cause all sorts of problems this season, just like last.

On a personal level how would you rate your 18-19 out of 10 and what areas of your game can you improve on?

8/10 I’d say, there’s always little things that could be better. Areas to improve on would be everything, very broad I know but I’m always striving to become better in every aspect of my game. I’m not where I want to be in my career, I want to play at the highest level possible so I need to improve both weaknesses and strengths in order to do that…so picking out certain things I’d be here all day!

How special was it to wrap up the title at Plainmoor and how good were those post-match (and post-season) celebrations?!

It was great, especially with the crowds we were bringing in at the end of the season it was really special to wrap it up there. The celebrations were what you’d except they were great! Lots of fun! For the end of the season and getting promoted the club paid for us to go to Magaluf for 3 days. That was a great laugh too. Great way to end a brilliant season.

Looking ahead, how much are you looking forward to the challenge of NL football and which fixtures stand out for you?

I’m thoroughly looking forward to the challenge of the NL, it’s a league I haven’t played in before and its very competitive due to only two teams getting promoted and everyone wants their chance in the Football League. It’s going to be an interesting season with a lot of big games, but I’m hopeful and confident we’ll do well. I haven’t looked through all the fixtures just yet, I’ve kind of just had a look at the first few and then I’ll take each game as it comes after that.

I think Solihull stands out, 2nd game of the season so it will be a good test to see where we are at in relation to the new league as they done well last year. That’ll give us a good gauge as to whether we are looking good or need to up our game. Also I think after the battle with Woking last year, we have to look forward to them games as well. There’s a good bit of rivalry there now from last year and we owe them one!! Yeovil over the Christmas period home and away will also be good ties as we’ll get great support at both games and its a bit of a local derby, which makes it even better.

“It’s going to be an interesting season with a lot of big games, but I’m hopeful and confident we’ll do well” – KC 

TT contributor Qs:

I’m intrigued, do the players check out the TT verdicts and see what rating they got out of 10?! Dom Roman

Some do, some don’t its all personal preference, there’s always a little bit of banter flying around if someone gets a bad mark though. Its a good laugh no-one takes it to heart which is good.

What are the main things you miss about home? Richard Heesem

Not too much really, I guess the city a little bit, there’s a few more things to do than in Torquay. But on a serious note I love it down here I’m settled, I have my girlfriend here and my parents and close relatives visit a lot, at least twice a month – so Torquay feels like home now. Its great!

When did GJ hand out the biggest HT roasting last season and who was on the receiving end? Jonny Jones

The only one that really comes to mind is the East Thurrock game, Reidy got a bit for
answering back to the gaffer and Sendles got an earful as well. It’s on the end of season
documentary, so I’m sure you’ll all get a look of it eventually.

Did you find it difficult settling into a new area and a new club so far from home? Sam Druiff

No not at all, I’ve lived away from home when I’ve been on loan so its nothing new to me. I love living in new places and discovering new things, it’s all exciting to me.

Newcastle Brown Ale or Bays? Ben Currie

Sadly I don’t know. I actually haven’t tried either!


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