TUFC Dream Team No.13 – Gary Head

“The most defensively solid defender I’ve seen at Plainmoor” (Gary on Matt Elliott)

Gary Head picks his TUFC Dream Team and also talks about the ‘Miles for Minds’ run for charity he is currently embarking on:

Gary Head

Gary Head

“On Saturday 11th May, I started running the entire length of the South West coast path from Minehead to Poole – a distance of 1,013 km (630 miles) – at a pace of approximately 15 miles a day. I aim to finish on 22nd June. My goal is to raise £1,013 for each of the three Mind offices in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset as part of my ‘Miles for Minds’ run.
I am running in memory of my friend John Paul Childs, whom I met on the terraces at Plainmoor (although he was a Liverpool fan). John took his own life in January 2018, and I am hoping that my challenge will raise awareness of the importance of providing support for people struggling with their mental health”.

“Losing a friend in such heart-breaking circumstances was difficult for everyone who knew Johnno. For me, mental health issues have added meaning because my own mother has lived with schizophrenia for most of her life. It’s really important for people to talk about how they are feeling and to know that local Mind charities are there to help when dark clouds are hovering”.

You can follow my progress on Facebook and Twitter at:




Onto my dream team. I have been a Gulls supporter since 1994 and my team is based on players that I’ve seen in the flesh:


Neville Southall

Even though he had played at the very highest level, he still didn’t look like he would get off the ground, but he was incredible! I remember being stood behind him at Forest Green in the cup and he pulled off a save from a shot heading into the top corner that he had absolutely no right to get a hand on. Just amazing.

Right Back:

Paul Holmes

He always seemed like the model, consistent performer to me. He was the first right back I saw at United and for me, still the best. Andy Gurney pushes him close, but in a back four, I’d prefer a bit of defensive safety at the back.

Left Back:

Kevin Nicholson

Nicho’s left foot was like a wand when at his peak. He was involved in so many goals through brilliant set-piece deliveries and even long throws. How he didn’t play much higher is beyond me.

Centre Backs:

Steve Woods

Woodsy was so good. He was a proper footballing centre-back, could pass his way out of trouble and even join in at the other end on occasion. He also had a brilliant sense of positioning and could defend without even needing to make a tackle.

Matt Elliott

The most defensively solid defender I’ve seen at Plainmoor. He knew his way around the back-line and dominated the best forwards even when playing against higher rated opposition.

Defensive Midfield:

Matt Hockley

Matt is in because he can allow Alex Russell and Eunan O’Kane to do their thing without having to defend. You had a feeling with Hockers than he would quite happily run through a brick wall for the club.

Centre Midfield:

Eunan O’Kane

I remember watching him in his first pre-season game for us against Weymouth and thinking, this lad is going to be very good – he turned out to be even better. A pivotal player in Martin Ling’s wonderful team that were a joy to watch. His goals against Argyle were top drawer.

Eunan O’Kane – Photo Courtesy of the Herald Express and taken by Paul Levie

Centre Midfield:

Alex Russell

I’m not sure I even need to explain this choice. Anyone who saw Aggy, knew how brilliant he was. He picked out passes that you couldn’t see and when he and Jason Fowler were on form, they were formidable. Another that really should have played at a much higher level.

Ring Wing:

Paul Hall

This guy was a rapid right winger and just pips Gregory Goodridge for me. Hall could push the ball past any full-back and get onto it in a flash. Could deliver afterwards and finish too.

Paul Hall – Photo courtesy of the Herald Express, taken by the late Colin Bratcher

Left Wing:

Mark Loram

Another wand of a left foot. The idea of him teaming up with Nicho on the left flank would fill any right sided players with dread!

Centre Forward: 

Rodney Jack

Rodney Jack (Jack, Jack) was the quickest player I’ve ever seen at any level. His partnership with Jason Roberts, when he was on loan from West Brom, was worth paying the entrance fee for alone. Rodney is the most exciting player I’ve ever seen at Plainmoor and I also used to like seeing him smile in Ritzy’s in Torquay when we sang his name at him.


So hard not to find places with Gregory Goodridge, David Graham, Darren Moore or Chris Myers – players who I used to love to watch!

Gary’s Team





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