TUFC Dream Team No.11 – Richard Inman

“A great player who stood way above what was happening both on and off the field during his time with us” (Rich on Jamie Ward)

Richard Inman is the next person to try his hand at picking a TUFC Dream Team, check out his choices below:


Richard Inman – @Richinns


Gary Johnson

I turn 40 next month and in all those years of following Torquay United I have never known a manager come in and become so popular so quickly. From where we were as a club (and a dwindling and divided fan-base) to where we are now is truly an inspirational turnaround and we have to thank Gary for delivering us back from the brink of a very bleak future. The new season cannot come quickly enough for Gulls fans knowing that we are in the safe hands of the great GJ! (stay away you lot from down the road!)


Starting 11 (4-4-2)

I am very much going with a ‘we will score more than you’ approach with wing-backs as full-backs and no natural ball winner in midfield, but I care not for any criticism this may bring – for this is my team!


Bobby Olejnik

I cannot remember having the level of confidence during my time of attending games at Plainmoor in any other goalkeeper, more than I placed in Bobby. His game was seemingly flawless in his spell on the Bay.

Bobby Olejnik
Photo courtesy of the Herald Express

Left Back:

Paul Gibbs

One of the flying full backs that entertained us so much in that wonderful season when we fell just short (before Argyle came in and ripped all that apart!).

Right Back:

Andy Gurney

The best engine I have seen in a player in my time on the terraces of Torquay. Up and down all day long with fantastic quality and end-product to boot. The Gurney and Gibbs show was a joy to witness.

Centre Backs:

Wes Saunders

The Terry Butcher of Torquay United. Hit in the head by a kettle the night before the play-off final (good old Tommy put the kettle on Tynan!) and he still led us to victory. A wonderful player and captain.

Guy Branston

I absolutely hated it when we signed him after he mugged us off previously, but boy did that opinion change. Buckle called this right and he was an absolute rock who guided us to safety in his first season and then to the brink of promotion the following year.


Jason Fowler and Alex Russell

Fowler and Russell were absolutely superb at the heart of a midfield that provided such great times in the early noughties for Torquay. Such were the class of these two, they just never seemed rushed whilst in possession and the vision for a pass was far above the level we were playing at. Honourable mention to Matt Hockley whose relentless efforts gave them the platform to show such skills.


Jamie Ward

Jamie was only here for a few months but his talent was instantly a class above. A great player who stood way above what was happening both on and off the field during his time with us.

Gregory Goodridge

I just loved the 94/95 season when he turned up and entertained us all. What a find he was and a real fans favourite. There is nothing more exciting than a proper winger in full flow and at the top of his game. I still fondly remember turning up excited at the prospect of what Gregory was going to show us all.


David Graham

What a fantastic player he was when he was fully at it. It seems only off the field issues prevented him from having a much more notable career. The performance in the 2003/4 season was his purple patch, a time which all of the Gulls fans in attendance will fondly remember.

Rodney Jack

What a player he was! Quick as lightning and the ball seemed to stick to his feet whilst he was at full tilt. His finishing ability was also very accomplished. I really thought he would go onto grace the game at the top level after he left us.


Neville Southall

He was at the end of his career when he came to TQ1 and was carrying much timber at that time, but if he was that good at this stage – just how good was he in his prime?! I have never witnessed a goalkeeper with reactions as quick as his.

Kieffer Moore

He was not here long but during that time he was simply outstanding. Damn you Ipswich! He was in the car and on the way when you stepped in and ruined everything! As I have no place for a defender on my bench, then big Kieffer can also fill that role if needed!

Mark Loram

What a player he was. A real fans favourite who in truth was far better than the level he was playing at. Health issues and a love of the area kept him with us for many years and all of them are fondly remembered.

Derek Dawkins

DD makes the squad just for that winner against Spurs! A great memory from my childhood.

Derek Dawkins
Photo courtesy of the Herald Express

Eunan O’Kane

What a player he became and ‘that’ goal which belittled the Argyle will live long in the memory. He was so close to making my starting 11, but I did not have the conkers to break up the Russell/Fowler partnership!



Gurney – Saunders – Branston – Gibbs

Goodridge – Fowler – Russell – Ward

Graham – Jack

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