TT Match Preview – Truro City by Josh Miller

“With our recent turn in results under Leigh & Meaks, I am confident we can get something out of the 2 games over the festive period”


@TCFC_Updates man Josh Miller tells us about ‘The Tigers’:

Hi Josh thanks for agreeing to speak to us before the Xmas/NY games at Plainmoor – before we talk about ‘The Tigers’ tell us a bit about yourself?

My name’s Josh, I’m 17, and have supported Truro for just over a year now, with my first match being the Charlton FA Cup game last November. Some people may call that jumping on the bandwagon, glory hunting, which is fair enough. Having said that, I’ve been to almost every match in 2018, only missing Hampton away, which was a midweek fixture, and Concord away, which nobody was driving to from Cornwall. Quick plug before I start, please follow myself & Cameron Weldon’s twitter account, @TCFC_Updates. We created this account in the middle of September, to make up for the club’s social media shortcomings. It now has over 500 followers, and any new followers are much appreciated. Our account provides Match Updates & everything you would expect an official club account to provide, except ours is an unofficial account.

It’s been an eventful time at the club to say the least! Will you be glad to move back to Treyew Road and remind us what happened with the proposed new stadium?

I will definitely be glad to move back to Treyew Road. It saves lots of money each week, and also a lot of time, with the home matches at Torquay taking up most of my Saturday. It will be good to see all those faces again & have a catch up with those who don’t travel to Torquay. The new stadium has been talked about for years, but not a brick’s been laid. In April, Cornwall Council voted to put £3m into the Stadium, as long as the government do. Communication on this issue from the government has been quiet. As for Truro’s contribution, a recent press release stated “There has been doubt raised about the other £2 million coming through Helical to Truro City FC and onto the stadium. Consequently, the original two partners have made arrangements to increase their contribution by at least £2 million to cover any possible shortfall arising from delays/non-performance of Helical in assisting Truro City with their promised contribution. We will obviously accommodate Truro City to play at the stadium when it is completed.”

What are your opinions on owner Pete Masters and what he’s been trying to achieve at Truro City?

To put it nicely, the less said about him the better. As for what he’s been trying to achieve, I’m not sure. Does he have a 5,10 year plan for the football club? We don’t know. He said at a recent meeting that his main focus is moving Truro into the Stadium for Cornwall when completed.


On the pitch what’s been your highlights of the season so far?

Obviously we started off the season poorly, with our management team leaving after 2 games & not picking up a win until September. That has to be one of the highlights of the season so far, Leigh & Michael’s first game in charge & winning 2-0 away at Gloucester, who were 8th at the time. Also, our first home win against Dartford in October has to be up there, as well as our away victory over Slough. It was a Tuesday night, the team got there at 7:20pm & beat them 2-1 was amazing. If I had to choose, it would have to be that Slough game, great night.

How’s your recent form been and are you optimistic heading into the TUFC games?

Our recent form’s been good, picking up 3 wins & 2 draws from our last 6 league games (before the Wealdstone game). Obviously Torquay have been steaming up the table, with 5 wins from their past 6. However, in derby games, form goes out the window & it’s about who wants it the most on the day. With our recent turn in results under Leigh & Meaks, I am confident we can get something out of the 2 games over the festive period.

Which Tigers players should we look out for and why?

I hope this report won’t be going to Gary Johnson! All joking aside, Tyler Harvey’s been our best striker this season, with 10 goals & 3 assists. Also, Dan Rooney has been excellent in midfield since joining on loan from Argyle, scoring 6 & assisting 2 in his 9 games for us. Defence wise, Jamie Richards has been outstanding this season, as well as new signing Nick Grimes, not to mention the others. Niall Thompson & Connor Riley-Lowe are wing backs, and are good going forward & back.

Jon-Paul Pittman had a very difficult 2017-18 season at Plainmoor, how’s he been doing for Truro?

Jon’s been doing well for Truro, but hasn’t been starting recently, with Jared Lewington partnering Tyler Harvey up front. Jon’s scored 5 & assisted 2 this season, and I believe the best from him is yet to come. However, Torquay fans need not worry about him on Boxing Day or New Year’s Day, as I believe he’s ineligible to play against you Torquay are his parent club.


Have you got the right man in charge and what sort of tactics does he employ?

Leigh Robinson & Michael Meaker are in charge. They, like Gary Johnson, were appointed in September this season. Leigh is a great bloke, and travelled down from Devon on the Friday before his first match, to meet the fans. Something like that at Truro hadn’t happened before. Michael is the one who gets the lads going on the pitch. You could hear him barking instructions on the sideline from a mile away. Both were at Taunton before making the decision to take the Truro job which Lee Hodges & Chris Todd vacated, and we still don’t know the real reason. Whether it was down to Pete or not, we’ll never know. As for what tactics he employs, it was asked to him at the Q&A  before his first match. He replied “Whatever it takes to win”. This turned out to be true, as we won our first league match of the season the next day, beating Gloucester 2-0 away from home.  

Are you optimistic for the club’s future under Pete Masters after all the recent upheaval and fans unrest?

I’m not really optimistic if I’m being honest. As I said before, what’s his 5, 10 year plan for the club? With playing our matches in Torquay for the time being, deafening silence regarding the government funding for the Stadium for Cornwall & doubts whether Helical can provide the promised £2m contribution to the stadium on our behalf. However, on the pitch, I believe Leigh & Michael are the right duo to bring success to our club, as recent results have shown.

And finally, what’s your prediction for the Boxing Day and New Year’s fixtures?

I think Torquay have become a great outfit under Gary Johnson, but Truro under Leigh & Michael can certainly give them a run for their money. I think we can nick at least a point from the 2 games. Thanks Josh – I’m looking forward to two entertaining games between the teams (assuming the pitch holds up) Happy Xmas – Dom


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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

One thought on “TT Match Preview – Truro City by Josh Miller

  1. I live 25 miles from Truro and have watched some games over the seasons but have been a Torquay supporter for 65 years so I hope The Gulls do not wack you too much. We need the points, but good luck for the rest of the season.


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