TT Match Preview with Lymington Town midfielder Charlie Hennen

In the build up to the FA Cup match, Editor Dom Roman had the pleasure of discussing all things Lymington Town with young midfielder Charlie Hennen:


Hi Charlie thanks for chatting to TorquayTalk, you must be buzzing about the game this Saturday – especially now it’s on the BBC?

There has been a lot of build up to this game and as a team we can’t wait to show everyone how Lymington town FC can perform also as it’s on TV there is an extra buzz around the club and personally I can’t wait to play on Saturday.

I bet you’ll have more friends and family than usual at this game?

Yeah, a lot of my family are coming down to watch and also many friends are tuning in as it’s on TV which is very surreal.

The Lydney game went down to the wire, how were the two fixtures and did the chance of playing United add more pressure?

In the first fixture against Lydney I thought we dominated possession and had some good opportunities in the early stages but we were unfortunate to concede a penalty and then go down to 10 men but we stuck together as a team and everyone done their jobs and we found ourselves 2-1 up in the second half and creating many chances. However, in the final stages of the match Lydney had a fortunate chance which they took with seconds to spare taking it to a replay which was devastating after a great team performance. However on the Tuesday we went to Lydney with a game plan and nothing to fear but we still had to be cautious of the opposition. As well as making history for the club we knew it was a great chance for a tie against Torquay in the next round which I believe helped us over the line.



As a part time player, what do you do outside of Football and how often do you guys train?

Outside of Lymington FC I am in my third year of college, as I have just turned 18, completing a personal training course while still playing college football weekly as well, so as a club we train twice a week if we don’t have a game on a Tuesday.

Do you have ambitions to make it higher up the Football ladder?

My dream was and still is to become a professional football player so I would like to progress up the football ladder as much as possible and during the couple of months I have been at Lymington FC they have already taught me a lot more about the game.

Which position do you play and what are your strengths on the field?

I play central midfield and my strengths would be my technical ability and my work rate as I won’t give anything up and my technical ability has developed during the time I was on trial at clubs such as Southampton F.C and Portsmouth F.C when I was younger.

Which Lymington players should we look out for this Saturday and why?

A player who is in excellent form at the moment is Lewis Brailey who has excellent passing ability and an eye for goal.

What’s Lymington Town like as a club and do they get good local support?

Lymington Town is a great club with great staff all working together to help the players perform to their maximum potential on the pitch and we also get great support but I’m sure there will be a lot more supporters for this game to help us through it!

How are the team doing this season in the Wessex league?

Currently we are unbeaten in the league and we are only getting stronger.

What do you think will be the keys to success for your team and are you confident of making life difficult for United?

A key to success for our team will be to stick together and we can’t be afraid of the opposition as we must believe in our own ability and it will never be easy it’s the FA Cup!

Enjoy the day Charlie (within reason)! Good luck with your studies and for your future in football, thanks for chatting with TorquayTalk. Dom

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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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