#TUFC Tweets of the Week 17th Sept 2018


Rich Heesem – @RichHeesem

Well what a week that was at Plainmoor. I’m not going to dwell too much on the exit of Gary Owers. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but he’s just not cut out for being a football manager. I think even the most ardent fans were not expecting his departure, there are quite a few of us Gulls fans that feel like Osborne is here to bleed the club dry and it was a surprise to receive the news. Anyway it didn’t take long for the Yellow Army to start throwing names into the hat.

So when Karl text the TT boys on Thursday morning to say “what a signing” even I was shocked by Gary Johnson’s name when I opened up my Twitter feed. I think he was probably the number one name on most people’s list but most didn’t expect it to actually happen. Now let’s all get behind him and the lads. We might not get instant success every game and we have to be realistic with our early expectations. Let’s get the confidence back that’s so sorely missed at Plainmoor, the win at Hungerford is a good start.

Anyway onto my tweets of the week.

5 – TUFC Away Days

4 – TUFC Bryn

3 – TUFC How long?

2 – TUFC Statto


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