A Catch Up With: TULFC captain Danni Wyatt

Ed Dom Roman caught up with Danni Wyatt and discussed all things TULFC, as the newly appointed skipper builds up to the start of their league season:

Danni Wyatt 1

How’s it feel to be the new TULFC captain for 18-19 and are you looking forward to the new challenges ahead?

It’s a massive honour for me, this club is something I’ve held very close to my heart and always put 100% effort and attitude towards, when the time presented itself I knew I had to step up and take some responsibility for the club, I’m thrilled and humbled.

It must be disappointing to see a number of team-mates leave this summer after an excellent 17-18 campaign?

It’s very disappointing of course for everyone, but it isn’t the end. Players move on and look for new experiences and I can’t blame them. I’d like to thank them for their time and wish them all the best in their new clubs, I do keep in touch and follow the scores on the weekends. It’s what football is all about, it brings people together.

How are the new coaching staff including head coach Jamie McInnes settling in?

Very well! But I’m not surprised, from the word go they have been as enthusiastic and hard working as ever, we’ve literally had to start all over again and the things we have achieved (behind closed doors) have been somewhat incredible. I take my hat off to all of them, Jamie, Nick, Nathan and Justin.

Is the revamped squad shaping up well for the upcoming season and are there any new players we should be looking out for?

We are shaping up very well and we are learning from our mistakes which is ever so important for us, it’s always hard at first to get things going, but not once have we let ourselves down and I’m proud of the girls for that. I will certainly let the players performances speak for themselves but pleased to be welcoming back a strength in midfield Daisy Self & Rhi Bailey and Niamh Farrell who can volley a ball like Gareth Bale.

Danni Wyatt 2

What are your aims for the season both from a personal point of view and for the team?

We are using this season as a rebuilding season, we are still on the look out for new players who will bring strength to our squad, we are giving players the opportunity to experience women’s football at a decent level and with experience we look to take on the league and win it.

What are your strengths as a player and which areas do you think you can improve on?

Currently I am the longest standing player at Torquay, going into my 4th season with the club I can bring experience in the league we compete in, I bring technical skills on the ball and a drive to win. I like to promote discipline and hard work for the ladies and professionalism is key for success. I think this season I’d like to improve on my fitness, with doing so I feel I can really make a difference to the team performances each week.

Tell us about the highlights of your TULFC career so far?

I have many highs and lows with the club, a lot of history I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint a specific moment, saying that, meeting the girls I have played alongside on this journey has been life changing for me, I have made friends I hope to keep forever, playing upfront with Sian Chapman will always be listed in my highlights, without a doubt. I wish Sian all the best with Exeter City LFC this season.

How did you first get into football and what inspired you to take up the game seriously?

From a very young age I’ve loved to play football, I’d join my brother down the park with the rest of the boys and run rings around them, I taught myself how to play in the streets and eventually ended up joining a girls football club. I re-joined the same club in my late teens, I was approached by the Torquay Manager at 19 and I have been here ever since, earning my spot and pushing the club.

TULFC 18-19

Outside of TULFC what hobbies/sports do you enjoy in your spare time and are you competitive in everything you do?

I play in a ladies Rounders league locally throughout the summer which is good fun, I used to box but had to put my training on hold due to a shoulder injury, I’m always up for playing all kinds of sports and yes I am very competitive! I love to win!

Do you follow the United mens team? If not which teams do you support and who are your footballing heroes?

I do look out each week for the Torquay mens team scores yes and I even attend games when I can! I have to admit I’m not a massive football follower so when it comes to footballing heroes, am I allowed to say Kev Nicholson????

You are indeed Danni!

And finally for those who want to come and see the women in action, when does the season start and where are the ladies playing their games this season?

The season starts this week!!!!! Thanks for reminding me. No the season is approaching this weekend with our first home game at our new home ground Stoke Gabriel F.C, we’d love as much support as possible whilst we rebuild this season. With love, Skip x

Thank you Danni brilliant to speak to you and all the best for 2018-19, we’ll definitely talk again as the season progresses – Dom
Photos courtesy of Glenn Lawrence

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