#TUFC Tweets of the Week 20th August 2018


Rich Heesem – @RichHeesem

So yesterday was my 1 year wedding anniversary. I was fortunate that a certain editor of this blog and a best man at the wedding organised a card from Kevin Nicholson and the squad just over a year ago. Unfortunately Kevin lost his job a few days before the wedding. Now I’m not saying he has special powers but I’m kind of hoping Dom has arranged a wedding anniversary card from Gary Owers and the curse continues.

Thankfully I’ve been away this week so not really kept up-to-date with all the proceedings but the match reports suggest we are a very average team and the fact we don’t look that inspired, pumped up or ready to fight for points is all down to the manager. You have to wonder what his tactics are (I’ve plauralised that but don’t think there is more than one), and what is his man management must be like as the players don’t seem very inspired. I was prepared to give him a few games to get this new squad playing together but enough is enough the #OwersOut hashtag must be trending amongst Gulls fans again it certainly is with me. Anyway sadly I don’t think the owner or Harry Harrop as I’ve called him will do anything to get rid of him. Just remember everyone we aren’t rubbish anymore!

Anyway onto the tweets of the week.

5 – TUFC Compensation

4 – TUFC Pipe Dreams

3 – TUFC #OwersOut

2 – TUFC Gray Area

1 – TUFC Vicious Circle


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