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Dom Roman – @DomRoman

Who’s missing football at Plainmoor? Oh…ok just me then! It was the season that couldn’t end soon enough wasn’t it. The post-season hasn’t exactly started with a bang at Plainmoor. We have now got 4 players on the books for next season (Reid, Williams, Sokolik and Bobson), no real surprise as it’ll take a little while to fill those squad numbers up…even with Gary’s considerable contact list!

The early bird offer on the season tickets comes to a close at the end of the month, and it’s hard to believe there are many takers so far (FYI I have renewed mine). The end of May was clearly too soon anyway and I’m guessing it won’t be long before the club announce a new end date, allowing supporters to assess the squad (and their own sanity) before signing up. It’s the only reasonable thing to do isn’t it TUFC?

The #TUFCSalute has provided some laughs on Social Media hasn’t it! In years gone by the chance of a photo with their TUFC heroes might have motivated supporters to rock up at Plainmoor with their readies, but I’m not sure anyone wants to be seen with Owers or Harrop at the moment – and I can’t blame them. The latest Salute has at least been helpful in confirming Dave Hedges existence (see below); good to see you Dave, now do your job and scout us out some decent players for a change.

And yes Geoff Harrop is also still knocking around. The General Manager has been busy completing a sponsored silence in recent months and didn’t feel the need to speak to fans during one of our darkest ever times on the pitch. I mentioned leadership before and I’ll mention it again, show us why you got hired for the job Geoff as we’re not sure. Where’s the statements of intent from him and call to arms for the National League South campaign to come. How can we believe in him, when he is not interested in communicating with us?

One person who always communicated with the Yellow Army was Kevin Nicholson, and his TUFC Dream Team has been buzzing merrily on the TT site this week. As always with Kevin he was happy to offer his time, and the choices and reasons behind them were unsurprisingly entertaining. Manse in mid rather than right back stirred some banter on Twitter, but I agree with him on that. Lee’s best season was 2011-12 in the engine room. Apart from that there is some predictable and also some quite unpredictable choices making for a brilliant read. Fingers crossed Nicho is back in football employment sooner rather than later, any employer would get a highly motivated, determined and driven guy with a big heart.

The article prompted much banter and also questions on Twitter, with the likes of Manse, Dan Butler, Guy Branston and Alex Rowe chipping in. Paul Buckle was the topic for much of it, a guy who wasn’t afraid to shake up a dressing room and get the boys ready for battle – Owers gave the impression that he would do similar, and to think I almost believed him! Manse said he’ll scribe a dream team for us as well, so watch this space. I bet he picks Nicho, for all the banter we know they love each other really!

The summer friendlies are coming in thick and fast now. Argyle, Poole and Dorchester the opposition so far – who would have thought! The likes of Tiverton and Taunton TBA soon I guess, I’d normally say Truro but now we’re NLS enemies I guess that won’t be the case. Maybe Exeter City will grant us a game at Plainmoor, once they’ve finished their own season.

The play-off game V Coventry is upcoming on Monday and promotion for the Grecians would be hard to stomach. Three divisions above us! The equivalent of them being in the Premiership and us in League Two, oh dear I don’t want that to happen – but after last year’s lost I think it probably will. Wembley could be Tisdale’s last hurrah at the club, his Ted Baker threads will be hard ones to fill and it would be the end of an era at St James’s. Steve Tully certainly spoke highly of Tis in our ‘catch up’ with him (see below). Steve is another guy desperate to prove a point in a new managerial role and deserves a chance after his successful spell at Truro.

Back to TUFC and this summer is HUGE. Owers has to attract players with points to prove; guys who will roll up their sleeves week after week and bring the passion and pride back to Plainmoor. The spine of the team must take priority, and as one of the biggest teams in the NLS we have got to aim high – anything else than the Play-Offs will be a failure, even in the stadium-building motivated world of Clarke Osbourne and TUFC. Bobson Bawling could bring some quality to the squad, time will tell on him.

Speaking of Clarke, the TUST meeting with him a few weeks ago was a good one by all accounts, and continues their hard work in making the Trust’s presence felt. CO holds all the cards and that is totally frustrating for us all, but by getting personal contact and arranging meetings the Trust are heading in the right direction. I think a gung-ho approach to attacking and questioning our chairman would be preferred by most, but that would only create more barriers, so I think Mike and all are doing a very good job. Join the Trust!

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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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