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Dom Roman @DomRoman

No leadership and no National League at TUFC…..

are my first thoughts as I write this blog, my first in a few weeks as the Roman household recovers its composure after the birth of our second child! It’s been turbulent at times, with plenty of sleepless nights (yes I’m still talking about the baby, not TUFC) but the mist is slowly clearing – just in time to see United relegated from the National League.

I did have a glimmer of hope after Chester and Woking. However we were lucky to beat the Cards at Plainmoor and they could easily have won 3-2 with our shaky defence. That glimmer was soon extinguished as Dover and AFC Fylde took a look at our miserable bunch and put us back in our place, which is basically relegation fodder.

The heavens opened at Plainmoor on Tuesday night and so did the holes in our defence, gifting Fylde two goals to finish the game as a contest. Fylde are having an amazing season, the best in their entire history – what a contrast to TUFC. We are definitely having our worst and the last four games are going to be a death-march to the NLS (barring any miracles that even the writers of Roy of the Rovers couldn’t make up!).

How did it come to this? Well the leadership of the club is non-existent for a start. The owner is never around; the General Manager has no experience of running a football club and it shows; we have a manager who has quickly become the least liked in our history and finally a team of footballers who are scared of their own shadows. Who is taking control of the club at this vital time and turning us back into a winning formula? No-one at the moment and what optimism can we have for 2018-19 with Owers (and Harrop) remaining in charge? Very little at this time  and I think we all feel fairly despondent and helpless in equal measures.

If you follow any of my tweeting this week, you’ll have noticed my frustration at the Herald Express. The paper used to represent the views and concerns of the Yellow Army (as well as reporting from the club), but it’s hard to stick up for them these days. After Fylde surely the paper should be showing their dismay at the state of the club and digging into what is going wrong? Well the answer is no. Instead we have had a generic match report saying 5 games left (wrong), a light-hearted article on the away days for 18-19 (who’s laughing?) and Dave Thomas complaining about refereeing standards.

Frankly I am so disappointed at their approach, I have spoken to DT on an away trip and he was so animated and passionate about TUFC – why is that not being translated to the pages of the HE? Are they worried about the future of our club and want to fight corner of the loyal Yellow Army who regularly buy the paper, it doesn’t feel like it.

The game is up for this season but TT will continue to cover the four games left and with players looking to avoid injury (and eyeing up their summer holidays) I’m not sure we’ll pick up many more points. There will be painful requests from the club to vote for the Player of the Year (just give it to Luke Young now), Young Player of the Year (??) and Owers will continue to bemoan everything apart from his own inadequacy as manager. Happy days!

The site will definitely continue as we have built up a great team and the past year has seen us progress with so many articles in place (we’re spoiling you really). We’ll do our best to cover every game next season as well, get those route finders ready guys! If you want to be involved get in touch, I’m always on the look out for more articles. Watch out for my opposition Q&A with FC Halifax reporter Tom Scargill; Town are playing 3 games in 5 days this week, so their energy levels might be even lower than ours this weekend!

I’ll try to finish on a positive note and heap some praise on some people who are doing their best for TUFC. I am proud to contribute to the programme this season, and believe the design and content has been spot on. I will continue to help out (if asked!). Patrick Tinkler is working overtime to improve not only the programme, but also the website, social media and having spoken to him, he really is committed to what can be a thankless task in seasons like this!

Chris Ralph has really excelled himself as groundsman again this season. Making the pitch playable to give the team a chance is all he can do really and he’s doing it very well. With people like that the club is not totally rudderless, and their total commitment should be commended  – now can we find players this summer who can replicate that effort, let’s hope so.

PS: Join the Trust (almost forgot)

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