The Weekly TT Blog 20th Mar 18

Dom Roman @DomRoman

I’m not sure why I keep calling this a ‘Weekly Blog’ as it’s become fortnightly in recent times – the ‘Fortnightly TT Blog’ doesn’t have the same ring to it though! I’ve found writing a blog every other week helps build up matters for me to wax lyrical about. Even in the bizarre world of #TUFC, news can run dry occasionally…

Let’s dig in first to the Solihull game and a draw that was in simple TT terms ‘NOT ENOUGH’. Another case of us having the other team by the short and curlies, but failing to squeeze tight enough on a bitterly cold day at Damson Park. *Luke really captured the extreme weather below as part of the magnificent travelling #YellowArmy

“Not long to go at __________; the defence has retreated back allowing the opposition to take control, a set piece is conceded and an in-swinging cross is met by a goal-scoring header”. That sentence could grace numerous #AwayDays match reports (and home ones too), not only this season but also in the previous 6! Doesn’t matter whose in the dug-out, we can’t get it sorted and it bliming hurts.

The defence is taking the blame again, but where was that second goal when we needed it? A failure to be clinical and kill off the hospitable Moors, and a failure for the constantly negative and inflexible Owers to be proactive, influence a game for the better and attack the opposition. The blame falls squarely to everyone in truth and there is plenty to go around in this most wretched of seasons. 

Where does that leave us? Well it leaves me debating which away fixtures out of Truro, Western, Gloucester and Oxford City look most appetising! But hold on, there are two fixtures to come soon against relegation-threatened teams. Two fixtures that will either push the struggle into April or provide us with the knock-out punch our miserable incompetence probably deserves.

First up is Guiseley AFC this Saturday. Yours truly has lined up another opposition interview, this time with Adam Bridson. A huge GAFC supporter, Adam follows the team up and down the country with the @GAFCSupporters Club. I’ve had a kind of tunnel vision in this league for TUFC over the years, but talking to people from other clubs has really opened my eyes up to what is going on around the NL. I’ve found a lot of compassion between supporters and it’s been a ray of sunshine in a bleak Plainmoor footballing period of my life!

Sean St Ledger is the interim manager at Guiseley and doing his best to raise morale, but the club are below us and staring the National League North in the face. If we can’t get three points on Saturday, then we will most likely be waving goodbye to the National League – no excuses lads just win.

Clarke tells us we will remain full-time (as I expected) and that is the right decision in my opinion. If we want to challenge in the NLS, then we have no choice. Otherwise his comments about listening to the LO performance on the radio were embarrassing. It just sounded like someone trying to impress his cooler mates, and failing. And no CO statement would be complete without a paragraph on the ‘new stadium leisure complex’. Nobody is allowed to forget about that.

I get the feeling he expects us to be thankful for these kind of statements, and the muted 5-year plans. Well we are getting relegated on your watch mate, and there’s no proof to suggest that you are the man to bring the club back up again. Come back to us when you’ve achieved anything at the club and turned our losing TUFC into a winning one. You may then get some plaudits (no promises!).

One thing that TT has unearthed recently is difficulties at the much-vaunted youth system. I think even the most sceptical of fans have been encouraged by how the system was being developed. Unfortunately we’re hearing about coaches leaving and the quality of the set-up not matching the high expense that parents are being charged (see below for the thread). Disappointing and worrying feedback on a system that has been trumpeted proudly by Harrop and Osborne – we will await further developments in this area and have pushed for the HE to investigate further.

I’ll finish the blog by talking about some campaigns that our going on in the Football world outside Devon. Luke Hunter is alive to what’s happening at various clubs around the country, and has been pushing our support of the ‘Tangerine Knights’ #ReclaimTheGame campaign. Indeed his recent tweet was TT’s most popular ever on Twitter, and illustrates how strongly people believe in this matter.

The petition asking for the Government to assign an independent regulator to govern the game (and protect the clubs) has been making huge inroads. At TT we are very happy to support such campaigns – we simply love the game of Football and I hope that shows in what we do. We empathise with clubs like Blackpool and Dulwich, as our current owners could easily decide ‘enough is enough’ with TUFC in the near-future. Below is the link to sign the petition, just in case you haven’t already.

And finally, another petition that we have supported in recent times, stems from @savegrassroots and is basically requesting much-needed funds to be filtered down from the mega-rich Premier League to struggling grass roots football. Another worthwhile cause I hope you’ll agree, and another link below FYI. Get clicking and signing!

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