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Dom Roman – @DomRoman

It’s ‘now or never’ as Elvis once sang. I think most fans are just about resigned to relegation this April, but it is not over just yet.

Our home form has made me sad and angry in equal measures since August. Opposition teams haven’t had to play well – they’ve just had to turn up, organise themselves and exploit our weaknesses.

This Saturday is a chance to give us a glimmer of hope – a must-win game. Here is my rallying call to Torquay United players before the Barrow game:

1 – Plainmoor is not your Enemy

“You guys look so scared of making mistakes and getting criticism from the crowd. Battle ferociously for the team and the Yellow Army will respond with noise. Use Plainmoor as an inspiration to make things happen, not as an excuse to retreat into your shell and drop your heads down. We may criticise, but don’t forgot that we follow you across the land in amazing numbers and want you to succeed more than anything”.

2 – Talk!

“Communications have been dreadful on the pitch for years and it was embarrassing how many times two United players went for the same ball against Bromley. Speak to each other; don’t be afraid to tell somebody off for not doing their job; be brave and outspoken with team-mates to push them on. If that means an argument in the dressing room then so be it”.

3 – Attack Attack Attack

“We have to go for Three Points at the moment, we have no choice. Attack them with aggression, make runs to help your team-mates, pick up loose balls, take gambles to reach crosses and through balls. Be brave and positive in possession. If you fail try again, sheer effort as well as talent can win matches. Out-work the other team and good things can happen”.

4 – Focus

“Focus for the entire 90 minutes. Do not lose concentration and let the other team take advantage. Just because you are on top in the game, doesn’t mean you can’t concede a goal at any moment. You have had so many warnings of this during the season, when lapses have lead to avoidable goals – learn from those mistakes”.

5 – Play for the Shirt

“Torquay United is definitely not the proud club we once were and the constant uncertainty off the pitch is unsettling to all. However, it is a club that matters to supporters – just check the forums and social media if you don’t believe me. Whatever your situation, whether you are contracted or a loan signing, play for the shirt and show pride on that pitch from the first minute to the last. I was ashamed of that second half v Bromley, show us that you care – before it’s too late”.

6 – Take Responsibility

“Take responsibility for your performance, and get the better of your opposite number. This isn’t a time to make excuses and hide behind other colleagues, show us what you have got and why you are a professional footballer. If there’s a decisive pass you can make, make it; if there’s a shot in range take it – take responsibility and don’t be afraid to fail out there. Make us believe in you and what you bring to a football pitch”.

Come on you yellows.

PS – Are you concerned about the future of our club? Check out the latest TUST update if you haven’t already.

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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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