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Dom Roman @DomRoman

“Last Saturday’s second half was probably the most pitiful 45 minutes I’ve seen from TUFC, and that is saying something. Exactly what has Ower’s achieved in over four months of management? Apparently we are fitter, but what does that matter when nobody cares (apart from Luke Young, who gave full commitment and deserves better). This week I thought I’d talk through the Owers Recruitment Sept-Jan, man by man”.


15th – Jennison Myrie-Williams – Winger

“Jennison has made so little impact at Plainmoor that the mention of his name brings a shrug of the shoulders in response. He’s a winger, but probably his best game was at wing-back. Absolutely no impact at all”.

15th – Callum Evans – Midfield

“At first Callum looked like a decent signing from Forest Green, energetic and making life difficult for the opposition. As time wore on his lack of forward-thinking and ability on the ball got tiresome, and Lathrope was recalled to sit in front of the defence. Not a terrible footballer as his signing for Macclesfield shows, but quickly forgotten”.

19th – Rhys Murphy – Striker

“Out of all Owers signings I’d say Rhys has been the most disappointing. The striker joined with a decent track record and I hoped a move down here could rejuvenate his career. Instead he was slow to start, managed two or three better performances, then got a knock and barely kicked a ball in anger before leaving. In the end his return was one goal and little else”.

22nd – Josh McQuoid – Winger

“As the boo boys moved on from Jamie Reid, Josh became the next target for their frustrations. Every now and again Josh would do something to raise hopes that he could be the answer. Unfortunately his attitude stank of a guy who simply thought he was too good for the National League, which he failed to prove as shot after shot sailed wide of the goal. Somebody who could and should have done better”.




8th – Jazzi Barnum-Bobb – Wing-Back

“Owers quickly decided Ryan Higgins wasn’t for him and Jazzi was drafted in to give us  width on the right. He did manage that and showed a super turn of pace. Unfortunately his crosses were consistently awful and a stupid red card V Maidstone was the end of his Plainmoor stay. No upgrade on Higgins for me”.

21st – Alex Davey – Centre-Back

“Davey was excellent in his first few appearances, excelling in the middle of the 3 at the back. As soon as Efete got injured he was moved over, and his lack of mobility became an issue – finishing with that woeful Boreham Wood display. A club he decided to join the very next week”.

24th – Guy Gnabouyou – Striker

“I had very little hope for the signing of Guy. Coming to Torquay and trying to adapt to National League football seemed unlikely, and so it proved for the Frenchman. He has talent, but no appetite for the struggle down here – very quickly deciding to try his luck somewhere (anywhere) else”.


6th – Axel Oskar Andresson – Centre-Back

“Blink and you missed him. Was Andresson a good player, a player who is likely to become a regular for Iceland in years to come? No idea! He didn’t look very imposing, very quick or very anything – next!”.


4th – Alex Fletcher – Striker

“Ower’s tactics have become more and more shambolic in January, and deciding to pitch in young Fletcher on his own against Eastleigh has been just one of his lame decisions. Not that Fletcher had a nightmare, and he may yet score a few goals this season – Argyle fans certainly rate him highly”.

4th – Tommy O’Sullivan – Midfield

“A former Welsh young player of the year? It must have been a poor time for Welsh talent! He takes the word lightweight to the extreme and shanked so many passes last weekend, it was painful. A young lad totally bereft of confidence, should be nowhere near a first eleven – even at Plainmoor”.

9th – Conrad Balatoni – Centre-Back

“As time has gone on, the desperation of Ower’s recruitment has heightened. Balatoni comes to Plainmoor looking totally unfit and unready for action. He may improve in time, but that’s not good enough in our situation”.

9th – Reece Mitchell – Winger

“Reece has only been used fleetingly so far by Owers, but the diminutive winger just looks a similar prospect to Myrie-Williams – and that’s not a compliment!”.

12th – Aaron Barnes – Full Back

“No sign of Aaron so far. If he can’t get in the current team, then he should be very worried!”.

18th – Elliot Romain – Striker

“Romain at least put in a shift at the weekend and his touch/control was decent, but like Fletcher he was left alone upfront and offered little support. Negative tactics from Owers, a manager retreating into his shell and not able to motivate the lads into a battle”.

Final Word:

There you have it, 14 players and not one of them an upgrade on what we already had. Owers exhausted his best contacts and persuasion at the start, bringing in three players in Evans, Murphy and McQuoid who he hoped would bring fresh impetus and better results…it worked briefly, very briefly.

After that the revolving door has kept spinning. Instead of proven experienced and motivated NL players, we’ve had a mixture of the inexperienced, the unfit and the disinterested. And let’s not get started on that mythical target-man!

The latest arrivals walk into a dressing room that Owers has lost; they must wonder what’s they’ve let themselves in for. Tactically things have got worse as his tenure has gone on and he has no idea how to get one win, let alone the avalanche of points we now need.

Clarke Osbourne applauds his efforts and deflects the blame to his predecessor – as does Gary (take responsibility man), so it doesn’t seem like he’s going anywhere. His skills and experience shouted ‘National League South’ back in September and that’s how it’s panned out so far. Hey but at least he feels dreadful about it…

PS – Don’t forget the Trust meeting next week, publicised by the HE today after much nudging from TT!

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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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