The TT Match Verdict: #TUFC 0-4 Bromley 20th Jan 18

Match Summary:

How do I sum that up? Yes, we might have started ok, but did we ever really look like scoring? New boy upfront, Romain looked lively but he needed another player with him. Bromley, on their first proper attack scored. If we had have gone in 0-0 at half time maybe things wouldn’t have gone the way they did. Unfortunately, they did go the way they did. The second half went from bad to worse very quickly. Bromley scored three second half goals to win 4 – 0. Ryan Clarke had a few good saves but could have done better on all 4 goals in my opinion. The back four all looked very shaky, I wasn;t impressed with Banatoni. I thought the midfield were ok, Luke Young and George Dowling played well and really looked up for it today. O’Sullivan was beyond terrible though, can’t pass, weak in tackles, woeful first touch – more fine recruitment from Owers.

I’ve accepted we are relegated, but it’s sad to see such a lack of fight

TUFC Ratings:

Clarke – 4.5

Efete – 4.5 Balatoni – 3 McGinty – 3.5 Davis – 3

Gosling – 4.5 O’Sullivan – 1 Young – 6.5 Dowling – 6 Reid – 5

Romain – 6

Subs: Mitchell – 2  Fletcher – 3  Keating – 3

Man of the Match:

Luke Young

Young. Luke was on his game for much of today, he nearly scored a screamer to make it 1-1 in the first half but was just wide. He was up for it from the start and played well I thought, I’m surprised he doesn’t wear the armband as he leads by example and opens his mouth more than McGinty.

Honourable Mentions:

Dowling looked better than the last couple of times I’ve seen him, I thought he was good on the ball and he has a great eye for a pass and is strong in a challenge, he could do with shooting when he has the chance though. Sometimes he tries too hard to force more space. I also thought the new striker Romain looked good, he could do with playing with someone like Keating I think, he would make the runs off him.

The Tactics Board:

The 4-5-1 didn’t work. End of. It added no more defensive cover and left us toothless in attack. I’ve been saying it for a while now but back to basics with 4-4-2 would be most welcome.

The Opposition:

Bromley played well. They looked slow in the first half but it didn’t take much for them to open the scoring, and that’s what happens when you’re at the top end. I thought they defended well, but looked very good going forward. By no means a great team but certainly merited their win. Surprised, and relieved Bret didn’t take that penalty though!

The Ref:

Wasn’t great, thought he was a bit card happy and gave some odd fouls away. His worst moment was not booking the bloke who celebrated right in front of the popside, completely unneeded, childish behaviour. Idiot.

Key Moment:

For me it was Luke Young’s long distance effort going just wide. If that goes in and it’s 1-1 at the break, I think the players come out with a bit more confidence.

Player Spotlight:

Tommy O’Sullivan

Tommy O’Sullivan – I genuinely mean what I am about to say, he is the worst player I’ve seen in a Torquay shirt this season. Can’t pass, can’t tackle, awful touch. I felt sorry for him when people sang cheerio when his number came up though, mind you, his replacement wasn’t much cop!


We are a conference south side in waiting now. All I can say is Gary Owers, please leave. Please resign. There is no way the club will stay up but that man does not deserve the position, and he does not deserve the fans, all he does is use excuse after excuse. Blaming Nicho’s recruitment, blaming the fans, blaming the location. Excuses are running out, take some of the blame like a man and then leave.

I’d also like to say how brilliant it was to see so many fans take an interest in TUST and it felt great to help out. I really urge every single fan that supports the club to sign up and join. Fans unite; let’s kick these crooks out of our club. This is our club, not ‘Gaming International’s’. We deserve our club back.

Next Up:

Macclesfield Town, Away, Saturday 27th January, 15:00.


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