TUST Update 18th January 18


Your club needs “YOU”

Dear All

I am writing further to my e-mail of last night to confirm the arrangement of a Special General Meeting (SGM) of members at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 30th January at the Livermead Cliff Hotel, Torquay.

I wanted to expand on this meeting and to seek your help where possible.

First of all – It is imperative at this point that we look to grow our membership numbers. We need to unite supporters at this most difficult time both on the pitch and off it where concerns lie over the long term future of our club.

We are seeking to become far more actively engaged with the fan base and other stakeholders in our club. There are lots of things we need to do, but we are a very small team of individuals and we need some help! Over the last week or so in particular the team have been talking to many key people and personalities in the Torquay United community and we have been heartened by the responses we have had from these individuals both within and outside of the existing membership database.

We have seen a steady flow of new members over the last week which is great, but we need more! To that end, the first targeted action is an exercise before this Saturday’s home game with Bromley to hand out leaflets to supporters to advise them of the upcoming SGM and to encourage non-members to join TUST. The SGM is open to members only, but that does not stop people joining before then and becoming eligible to come along.

There are only 4 of us on the team locally (with Matt Carpenter and Sean Horstead living out of the area and not in attendance on Saturday). Therefore we need some help with this initiative. We are awaiting a response from the club to our request to hand these leaflets out at the turnstiles, but if this is not permissible we will continue with the exercise as we have obtained permission from the council to distribute on the public footways close by. We have 2000 leaflets printed and are ready to go. We just need some helpers to hand these out and where possible to articulate the benefits of becoming part of our community.

We aim to be in position by 2.00 on Saturday. Therefore we would like to “rendezvous” with willing volunteers at 1.50 at the Top of Marnham Road (on the opposite side of the road where it meets Warboro Road). With that in mind can all volunteers please e-mail info@torquaysupporters.co.uk if they can help with this exercise? Your assistance would be very much appreciated!

The second point to mention at this time is the SGM itself. This has been called in order to provide face-to-face interaction with the TUST team to enable us to listen to your thoughts, concerns and importantly ideas for what we can do moving forward to unite our supporter base and be best prepared to do what we can to ensure the long term sustainability of our wonderful club.

However, it is imperative that we use the meeting to generate positive and constructive ideas to fulfil these objectives. We will be keen to seek out members who are happy to get involved and help. There are huge amounts of great ideas but we need bodies to help push these ideas forward. We need to look at specific areas where members can help, for example Social Media, Marketing, Database Management to name but a few. We need to find a way to reach out to all of the Torquay United population. The SGM is the starting point from which I hope we can really get some momentum. It is very simple really. We all love our club and now is the time to show just how much…

We have booked the Livermead Cliff Hotel who are able to cater for the number of people we expect to attend. However, we would be hugely grateful if you could e-mail info@torquaysupporters.co.uk with your name and Membership Number (if known) to confirm your attendance just so we have some idea of attendees in advance.

Refreshments will be available on the night from a bar which will be open.

Apologies for the length of this note, but I trust you understand the importance of it at this time and I look forward to your support.

Kind Regards

Michel Thomas
TUST Chairman
pp. TUST Board

Notes from TT:

Dom Roman @DomRoman

It may coincidental but since our open letter to the Herald Express, the trust have started to move into action – with new chairman Mike Thomas looking to imprint his own beliefs into the trust and gain new members (whilst winning back old ones).

Myself and Luke have both been pushing for a more proactive and vocal approach from the trust, and their recent communications to Clarke O is a decent start. With a meeting organised for 30th January at the Livermead Hotel, it is time for the trust to build up momentum.

We believe all Yellow Army followers who care about the club should attend if possible. If you aren’t happy with the present TUST then tell them why and if you feel you can help make changes get involved. The trust have their own lives to consider and only so much time to spare – so there is definitely openings for people who can make a difference. This could be you!

The total current Trust memberships are around 500 I believe. That is not bad considering it’s recent low-profile. With a higher profile and use of social media, there’s no reason why that figure couldn’t reach 2000 or so. Hey I may be a silly optimist but 2000 members each paying the current subs of £24 would be £48k – not bad.

Would people be willing to pay more if it meant them getting a say in the running of the club? Maybe, and maybe there are more than 2000 who could be tempted in. All hypothetical of course, but Fans Ownership can still be the future, and now is as good a time as any to get some building blocks in place.

And who knows even the Herald Express might get interested eventually….




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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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