The TT Match Verdict: AFC Fylde 2-0 #TUFC 18th November 2017

Match Summary:

I’m completely despondent after that performance, I’ve come away wondering  “why did I bother” – because for the majority of yesterday, nobody in a Torquay United shirt did.

I don’t necessarily mean this as a criticism, but AFC Fylde offered very little yesterday – why? because they didn’t need to. We huffed and puffed for the first ten minutes with a few half chances, but from then on in, Torquay were in reverse. Fylde did exactly what they needed to do and exactly what anybody with a molecule of footballing intelligence could have told you they’d do – played through the prolific Danny Rowe, who we left uncharted as he danced through our ghostly back four.

We had a couple of rebirths, if you can call it that. Jennison Myrie-Williams offered a *little bit* of a threat, McQoid had a couple of runs in the box and Jamie Reid worked hard across the front but that was it, that’s literally all I can offer. We were just… there, we made up the numbers.

The most frustrating element is that from McGinty to Gowling, Young to McQoid, Murphy to Lathrope, this is a team full of players that have proved themselves on countless occasions throughout their career – they can do it. But yesterday, for one, they lacked the application, mentality and desire, and that frankly, is unforgivable.


TUFC Ratings:

Dorel 6

Efete – 4, McGinty – 3, Gowling – 4

Barnum-Bobb – 4, Young – 3, Evans – 4, Davis – 4

McQoid – 3, Reid – 4, Myrie-Williams – 4

 Subs: Murphy – 3, Keating – 3, Lathrope – 3

Man of the Match:

Vincent Dorel

Vince did very little and still managed to offer more than the rest of them. As my Dad would say, if you can only hear one voice on a football pitch, that means the other ten aren’t talking. In a game that lacked leadership and responsibility from Torquay, I’ll credit Dorel that he tried to kick-start a bit of enthusiasm – that to me was worth more than the performances the rest of the team conjured up. He couldn’t have done anything about either goals.

Honourable Mentions:

Not today…

The Tactics Board:

One of Gary Owers stronger points is his ability to intelligently manage a game, but in this case, i’d also level some of the responsibility his way.

  1. He ‘bigged up’ the Danny Rowe threat with talk of sending videos around in what I can only imagine is the most miserable WhatsApp group in South Devon – so why was he afforded so much space? Why on earth did Damon Lathrope not start under instruction “never be a yard away from him, if he goes for a piss, you go for a piss” – he had to be man marked!
  2.  We were DESPERATE for a substitution in the ten minutes before Fylde’s second and there was a hint of inevitability about that goal. There was heckles from the crowd to change it, making a substitution as the goal goes in is too late, Gary…
  3. Continuously lumping it long was never, ever going to cut the mustard today. We have some technically gifted footballers, play to their strengths… please

The Opposition:

AFC Fylde did what they needed to do, nothing more, nothing less. Danny Rowe has scored 130 in just under three years for the Coasters – what a return. I’ll hazard a guess he’ll be jumping into the Football League this season or next, what would we give for someone that prolific? The number 27, Henry Jones, also had a fantastic game and I was surprised to see him taken off at 60 minutes, he was tricky and we constantly struggled with his quick feet.

The Ref:

Strong performance from the Referee, he let the game roll.

Key Moment:

The 69th minute saw Fylde’s second goal, the nail in the coffin. It actually started with a goal kick from Dorrel, which absolutely nobody challenged, that gift of possession would eventually end up in the back of our net. How simple is that? To challenge for a goal kick?

Player Spotlight:

Luke Young

Luke cuts a frustrated figure at the moment and Is struggling through the middle. His passing game is there but it’s always sideways and he’s lacking offensively – I feel there’s a little bit of confusion as to what exactly his role is, what kind of midfielder is he in this team? I’d love to see us try and shake up the set pieces a little bit as well, he must have delivered about 20 inadequate deliveries yesterday – really frustrating. .

Away Day Overview:

It’s a fantastic set-up at Mill Farm and I imagine they’re cashing in from the additional facilities there – the beer and food selection was faultless, with parking to boot. It’s very local to me and it might surprise people that AFCF actually have a tainted reputation locally due to the money they’ve spent throughout the Non-league pyramid, with FC United in particular refering to them as Fyld£. As a strong believer in sustainable football, I agree, but what you cant knock is that an equal amount of money has been spent on Fylde’s supporter facilities, they were sublime. Plus, £13 entry at this level is fair. I also enjoyed the standing ovation from the home fans directed our way – it’s the little things. There’s not much local, but the ground caters for everything you need and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.



After AFC Fylde’s second yesterday, their winger Jonny Smith, goaded the 145 away fans – and I think that summed it up for me, that’s the level we’re at right now, it’s time to accept that’s where we are and stop bemonaing it but go out and do something about it. We have to get a striker in, but i’ll categorically say now, that alone won’t be enough. The rest of the team has to step up and be counted.

Despite how utterly ***** (sorry, Dom) we’ve been this season, amazingly we’re still *only* eight points from safety as the half way point approaches. No, it isn’t beyond feasibility that we could escape, but my god, we’re going to have to try harder than that.

Next Up:

Sutton United, Away, Tuesday 21st September, 19:45.

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