The TT Weekly Blog 4th Nov 17

TT1 – A New Striker

My kingdom for a new striker! Much of the talk at the start of the season was our striker options, and whether there was enough goals in them. The answer has unequivocally been a NO! Once again versus Hartlepool, chances went begging. At least we are creating them, but Owers must be working over-time to bring somebody in.

It was hoped Rhys Murphy would do the trick, and after bagging one in the Maidenhead win I thought that might be the start of something. Since then he’s missed the target, and then missed the Hartlepool loss through injury. I actually thought the loan-man might have tapped one in when we were on top, that’s all it would have taken as the crosses were brilliant.

We so need a Kieffer Moore-type frontman. Moore is so adept at playing off the shoulder of defenders and also attacking crosses at full throttle. There’s no chance we’ll find another of his quality, but maybe Gary can find a rough diamond who gives us the cutting edge.

TT2 – Loaning Players Out

Owers has stated that fringe players should go out to get first team football and match fitness. That’s a polite way of saying “there are players I’m not keen on – can we move some out to get more in?”.

Who is he referencing? Sam Chaney is apparently training in London, with the expectation of playing up there for someone. He’s been recovering from a groin injury for so long, I’d almost forgotten his existence! A shame really, Sam undoubtedly has talent but will we ever see the best of him at Plainmoor? It’s a big doubt now.

Myles Anderson has not had a sniff in a while, and I’d imagine he’ll be shipped out at some stage. Yan Klukowski has returned from injury but isn’t getting any chances. After his early season form, I’d be surprised if he makes the first team any time soon.

Jordan Lee is getting no game time because of the amount loan players we have. Bournemouth may want him back, as it’s a waste of his and their time at the moment. Maybe Ryan Clarke will return in goal so Jordan can finally return (with Dorel dropping out). JL is an ideal fit for wing-back, and with Ryan Higgins always getting subbed; Owers may decide to use him there.

It’s all a juggling job for Gary at the moment to enhance the squad, and I anticipate some changes prior to the Maidstone game.

TT3 – Friday Night Football

Friday night football you say? The TUFC official twitter account asked the question during the week, and the response was unanimously positive (see below).

Whats the PROS and CONS?


1 – Few other games taking place at the same time – less competition for fans attention and also more publicity for the team.

2 – Games under the lights at Plainmoor have a better atmosphere – or so I reckon.

3 – Being a Friday night, fans may spend more on drinks in Boots and Gulls Nest.

4 – Young supporters can attend as it’s not a school night.

5 – People who work over the weekend or have family commitments can attend


1 – Less time for people to get to games after work, especially for those travelling from outside Torquay

2 – Less take up on pre and post match hospitality compared to Saturdays

3 – Less away supporters

4 – Older supporters less likely to go to games at night, especially on cold winter nights

My view is that it could definitely be worth a go, not regularly mind but on the odd occasion. The ‘Friday night’ theme could be a winner if presented right and after that vote we could see one sooner rather than later. At least the club is showing some forward-thinking and looking at changes that could benefit the club.

TT4 – Hartlepool Loss

What did we lean from the Hartlepool loss?

1 – Jamie Reid is on fire.

Reidy was so positive everything he got the ball, taking on the defender – whiping in dangerous crosses and shots. He deserved more support from his team-mates.

2 – Dowling is an asset, but needs to be further forward

George made an entrance, but then spent his time in front of the centre backs looking to start attacks from deep. A waste as far as I’m concerned, we need that sort of talent near the strikers. Instead Lathrope got forward more, which perplexed me!

3 – Striker required

As mentioned!

4 – Higgins defensive problems

Ryan’s problems continued as Hartlepool exploited his limitations down that side. He seems the first to be subbed at the moment, is his place in the team in jeopardy?

5 – Tactical tinkering

Owers is clearly a coach who wants alternate plans when the game isn’t going our way. He does though, have to bear in mind the low tactical IQ of our players! The changes last Saturday did not go well, with confusion and uncertainty on the pitch playing right into the away team’s hands. Don’t over-complicate it Gary!

TT5 – Truro groundshare

Oh no not this again! Pete Masters thinks a groundshare could be on the cards – if Truro get promoted this season. I’ve got nothing against the Cornish team, but I’m not keen on this happening. It may provide some £ for our kitty, but the pitch will suffer big-time. How many Truro supporters will travel to Torquay anyway, their attendances will surely be tiny!

Dominic – TT Editor


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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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