The TT Weekly Blog – 20th Oct 17

FC Halifax Preview and more from Ed @DomRoman in his Friday #TUFC Blog


TT1 – FC Halifax Away Preview

Somebody has to score the goals……

and I’m just not sure who! One thing is clear, that none of our strikers can play on their own – Murphy, Reid, Keating, Gray, Pittman; they all have different attributes, but all need a foil upfront to prosper. Owers may have to play two upfront to get those goals flowing, though I doubt he’ll want to move away from 4-3-3/4-5-1 this week. FC Halifax are no free-scorers either so one could be enough on Saturday….

Dowling cannot come back quick enough….

as last Saturday again showed we have workers in midfield, but little magic to unlock defences. I’m not sure why the young lad didn’t feature against Aldershot, but surely the trip to Halifax will see him given a chance in some capacity. Attack-attack-attack.

The next three games (Halifax, Ebsfleet + Hartlepool) must see a return of at least four points….

as we can’t keep losing and expect to drag ourselves back from the National League abyss. I have always been quietly confident everything will be ok, but my confidence is being sorely tested match by match. Meanwhile Owers has now had time in the job to get to know his players and bring new ones in. He has to start delivering results; the pressure is on big time.

Your Quick Guide to FC Halifax

League Position: 10th

Full NL Record: Played: 16 Won: 6 Draw: 5 Lost: 4 For: 16 Agst: 14 Goal Diff: 2 Pts: 23

Manager: Billy Heath

Player to Watch: Tom Denton – Age 28 – Striker

Last Three Results:

LOST Tranmere 1-3 (Home) 14th October – FA CUP

DRAW Boreham Wood 1-1 (Away) 7th October – NL

DRAW Wrexham 0-0 (Home) 3rd October – NL

Head to Head Last Three:

15th March 2016 Torquay United 0-0 FC Halifax

15th August 2015 FC Halifax 2-3 Torquay United (MacDonald, Hurst and Fisher)

18th April 2015 – FC Halifax 0-2 Torquay United (Campbell and Daniel)


TT2 – TT Predictions

Matty Hayward @MattyHayward96 – Our TT Reporter for the match


Dominic – @DomRoman


Luke – @lukehunter8


TT3 – Aldershot Loss – Key Points

– Damon Lathrope is not finished yet.

Sam Jones gave very good reviews of Lathrope’s performance last Saturday (see below’s match verdict), and the guy showed that when fit he still gives United a solid base in midfield. Having him and Callum in midfield certainly should solidify that area, but neither are likely to create or score goals and we need more people in the opposition’s box. With Dowling and Lee back it will be interesting to see if Owers is tempted into changes to spice things up.

– Ruairi desperately needs that goal.

Lovely Irishman Ruairi Keating arrived in a blaze of glory, but as I feared in my season preview, the striker has hit troubled waters in front goal. Every time he enters the fray at the moment, things are not running his way and his touch is heavy/nervy. Keating desperately requires a goal to spark him back to life.

– We can match most teams in the National League.

Once again we give as good as we get against one of the NL’s leagues better teams, and it’s only (only) our inability in front of goal letting us down. The team really should not go into any games with fear and Owers has got to believe that positive results are around the corner – well if he doesn’t believe it then we really are buggered!

TT4 – GI Selling Up?

The BTPIR legend that is ‘Merse’ has been busy again and shared information earlier this week divulging GI’s intention to sell their shares in TUFC – see the link below on

This caused a stir in a very quiet #TUFC week and much speculation from fans. However, it was also followed by an inevitable response from Clarke denying any likely sale – but hey at least it livened up the week briefly didn’t it?!

We all know Clarke’s prime motive for the club is the new stadium, and that new stadium is looking unlikely at the moment. As business people they may just test the market in the future and say their goodbyes (whilst many of us say good riddance). They are not supporters of the club after all, and in the cold hard world of business they could happily walk away if the right offer comes in.

My gut feeling however is that GI will be sticking around for a while. At the moment the club does not offer value to any potential buyer or investor, and the new stadium is not completely impossible. Whilst there’s still future possibilities I think they’ll still be GI….

TT5 – Ebsfleet on Tuesday

Its an away double header with Ebsfleet to follow on Tuesday – to be covered for TT by John Cadigan.

Mention Ebsfleet to most TUFC fans and they will instantly think back to that drab 2008 FA Trophy Final at Wembley, when Chris McPhee scored to win them the cup. An ex-player scoring against United, well what are the chances of that happening….

TT6 – TT Updates and TalkingTorquay Podcast

Just a couple of small plugs to finish. The TORQUAYTALK site has undergone some tweaks from Social Media whizz Luke Hunter, and looks all the better for it I think! Have a mooch around and see what you think, we appreciate any comments/suggestions you may like to pass on. We also have another cracking interview lined up – so keep an eye out.

And finally…our #TUFC sibling site @TalkingTorquay have their latest podcast out and this time it features Martin Gritton (see below). Martin played in one of our best ever teams, so check it out – yes we were once a ‘good football team’!


Dominic – TT Editor







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