The TT Weekly Blog and Barrow Match Prediction Poll – 15th Sept 17

Ed @DomRoman talks about the new coaching duo at Plainmoor, and previews the Barrow game…

Gary and Martin

The announcement on Wednesday morning did not exactly send the Yellow Army into raptures of celebration. Owers and Kuhl were not two names linked with the jobs, and are not well known to the general footballing community – well not down here anyway! Owers has not achieved anything very robust in the world of management, and people were really hoping for somebody like Ronnie Moore who has been there (and done that).

However, as the days have gone on I think people have started to come round to the new coaching team. Both look to have a great number of contacts in the game, with Owers Bristol City link-up and Kuhl’s recent Reading job – plus various other places they have worked at. Brian Tinnion’s tweet on BCFC youngsters coming to Plainmoor (see below)was especially positive to see – more players like George will definitely be welcomed! They have both worked extensively with young lads, and that should benefit our new academy and help it find it’s feet.

The interview at Plainmoor yesterday was 10 minutes worth watching (see below link)! Owers answered questions with solid replies on ‘belief and organisation’ and Kuhl sat there looking decidedly grumpy – especially when Dave Thomas called the guys ‘old school’! It was dithering stuff from Dave T and he was quickly put in his place by the two. Martin has recently worked with Reading U-23s and they are hardly likely to put someone in charge who is stuck in the past would they?! It wasn’t great from DT and he was the one who looked ‘old-school’.

Overall I think they could indeed be the right men. They came across as determined, motivated to succeed and not afraid to tell the players exactly what is going wrong. Plus recruitment to TUFC could become less scattergun and more calculated/professional – within that slim budget of course.  Can they bring a winning mentality to Plainmoor, who knows? But I think the guys are positive appointments who deserve a chance, and they should get our support to help us get out of another mess!

Barrow Preview

Barrow have not started the season great, and a quick view of recent results shows no goals scored and some injuries picked up (so its not just us!). New management often bring immediate results (Sunderland were banking on it for years!) and it is a great chance to get that bliming WIN!

New signings Callum Evans and Jennison Myrie-Williams (see below) may  both start tomorrow, depending on how Owers views the current players, whilst we haven’t heard much on Josh Gowling’s status. He’s a key man no doubt, can we get him on the football field every week?! It’ll be interesting to see how Owers wants us to play tactically, and what forwards he decides to use. The front two have been chopping and changing every week after all.

I sooo hope and pray we grab that first 3 points. We have lost games unnecessarily this season to teams who are no better than us really (see Sam Druiff’s Bromley report), they just don’t have that same losing mentality that has lingered round Plainmoor for years (since 2012 I believe). @lukehunter8 will be going tomorrow and he thinks we will triumph (see below)….he’s got to get a prediction right some day so why not this Saturday!

Match Predictions

Come on you yellows!

Dominic – TT Editor


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