The TT Weekly Blog – 25th Aug 17

Ed @DomRoman finds plenty to talk about in his weekly blog on YOUR TEAM (and his) TUFC:

1 – New Boss?

Ok so it is time to move on; Kevin Nicholson’s departing letter was emotional and full of honesty – much like the man himself, and who knows he may just come back to Plainmoor some day. I wouldn’t bet against it!

The Herald believe a replacement will be in place by the end of the Bank Hols. There had been loads of speculation about Bobby Wilkinson (gone to Wealdstone) and Mark Yates. Add to that the likes of Mikey Harris (former Salisbury), ‘Mad-Dog’ Martin Allen and now (drum roll please) Paul Cox!

Cox has left Barrow after a poor start to the season, surprising but they do have a supporter sugar daddy – so maybe they can attract a very suitable replacement.

Looking back it’s difficult appraise Cox’s time at the club – he brought in Butler and Smith (the good), Hurst (the bad-tempered) and Exodus (the ugly) after all! His attempt to move us to 3-5-2 wasn’t going awfully well, but had we been paying him enough to stay then maybe it would have been an ok season – who knows!

What do I want out of the new manager?

A- Experienced in conference football or above, B – Motivational and C – Tactically astute; would be a start.

It would be lovely if we could win games playing sweet pass and move footie, but at the moment the team just needs to win. Push up the league and get the supporters back in, is the name if the game.

The squad has got potential; think we could still do with 2 or 3 additions to bolster things – will GI give a new gaffer assurances of player recruitment? It could be the breaking point to getting the right man.

2 – Solihull Moors and Ruairi

So it looks like Robbie will definitely be in charge for Saturday. For me he actually picked the right team against Guiseley; if we could just defend properly at the moment then it would have been three points in the bag. Set pieces especially is just tragic at the back, getting those sorted is a priority!

Moors are a team we can beat! Will we do it? Well with Ruairi finding his form and dynamite scoring touch, I fancy some welcome cheer to return to Plainmoor this Saturday. We need to start better and assert ourselves, then maybe everything won’t look so bad after all at 5pm (well we won’t be bottom anyway!).

Then Woking on Monday is another decent chance for points (they’ll be thinking the same!). We owe them one after last season!

Our usual Prediction Polls will be running on Twitter, watch out for them. Predictably; early season optimism had turned to pessimism by the time the Guiseley game arrived. So it will interesting to view what people think for the weekend!

3 – Jamie Reid

Jamie Reid is a player who understandably exasperates United supporters (including me!). He is fleet of foot, has skilful touches and looks to have a decent shot – but too often these assets go missing when we need them the most.

However hold on there, he has actually been one of our better players this season so far. Reidy has been giving the opposition plenty to think about, with positive runs and some great crosses from out wide – plus he has just looked confident (unlike most team-mates).

Last Saturday he was excellent by all accounts, and will likely get another chance against SM to prove his worth. Go on Reidy let’s have a goal lad!

4 – Josh Gowling and Liam Davis

Sometimes a guy’s worth rockets up without playing. Well Josh Gowling looks like a god at the moment with our back four! Since Tranmere they have gone to pieces and the big guy cannot come back soon enough. Leadership at the back to help us avoid panic stations is desperately required; mind you McGinty should still be doing better and he needs to step up asap.

Also the so far ‘mythical’ Liam Davis is a wanted man at left back. Sam Chaney has just about had enough at the back; he’s looked ok at times but enough is enough Sammy! Once those two slot into that defence and the side has settled down with a new man at the helm – I reckon we’ll be fine…

5 – Luuuke

Recently young buck and northern gull Luke Hunter @lukehunter8 has been helping me out with TorquayTalk. This includes Tweets, Polls, Match Verdicts and new graphics to spruce up the site.

It’s great to have not only some help, but also another voice for TT as it gives a mixture of views – though as Ed I have assured Luke I am always right! Luke is a smashing bloke and his Twitter account is always a good laugh (just a shame his predictions are soooo bad!).

He has been gathering questions for the one and only Rodney Jack, so we will have that interview on the site soon – plus will be chipping in some other choice cuts in the near future. Meanwhile I will be doing the Match Verdict this weekend; by next week I hope this blog will be talking about points (at least 4 please) and a new head honcho – well you never know!

Meanwhile if any Gulls fans want to do Match Verdicts for the site (including Woking) let me know on Twitter. Any help to cover all these far-reaching away games would be brilliant!

Dominic – TT Editor




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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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