The TT Weekly Blog – 18th Aug 17

Ed @DomRoman summarises things on ‘another dull week’ at Plainmoor, no guesses what the blog is dominated by!

1 – Kevin Nicholson

We may have had a ropey start to the season, culminating with that dismal performance against Boreham Wood (see no.3); but it was still a shock when the news broke of Kevin’s departure yesterday.

What are my thoughts? Well I was ‘gutted’ to say the least. Nicho is a club legend who has put everything, and I mean everything into the role during the last couple of years. Communicating with fans, pushing the youth system, driving the bus and working under heavy financial restraints – all whilst showing dignity and honesty at all times. No doubt he has made errors on the playing side, both tactically and in recruitment – but I felt the leaning curve he was on would benefit the club – and we are only four games into 2017-18.

In conclusion he is simply a top bloke who really understood the fans and their concerns about their team. Kevin will be missed by everyone around the club I am sure and will always be held in high regards for what he strived to achieve – even if it didn’t materialise in the end. All the best for the future Nicho.

2 – New Boss?

In the cold hard world of football of course results are the be all and end all, and GI obviously believe things will only improve once a new boss arrives. Will this new boss get more backing for transfers than Nicho got? He may well do – there’s got to be carrots to dangle to get decent candidates in and the promise of player funds is the main enticement isn’t it.

I’ve seen Mark Yates linked to the vacancy, and his CV definitely puts him in the frame for me. Other than it could be anyone (within reason of course!), the potential is there with United and we are still a league club at heart, whether that can be accomplished any time soon is another matter – much depends on how seriously GI want to push us forward (football wise I mean, not the new ground!).

I’ve seen Paul Buckle’s name crop up, not sure why he’d want to come back to England from a cushy job in the US? However Torquay fans love to join the dots back to former managers and players, it’s just what we do! Now what about Leroy….?!!

3 – Boreham Wood

I won’t go on too much about this game, it’s feels like a lifetime ago with the whole managerial saga. ‘Shambles’ just about sums it up, I believe Clarke was at the game and must have felt enough was enough.

I thought we’d be harder to play against this season (not at the moment) and would have more leadership in the team (not at the moment). United players were losing battles all over the field, slow to close down opponents and generally looked like a bunch of strangers – apart from 10 minutes in the second half.

Boreham Wood on the other hand, had some style and grace – plus knew their game-plan like the back of their hands. Their defence looked susceptible under pressure, but going forward they’ll score plenty of goals this season and will probably finish well into the top half.

4 – Guiseley

What will happen tomorrow? The last time we had a stand-in manager (Deano!) we lost 7-3 in one of the most pitiful games I’ve been to. Anything could happen tomorrow, maybe Robbie can galvanise a performance out of the lads – much depends on the first goal; if it’s home team that gets it then it’ll most likely be a long afternoon.

I’d play the following team and have a go at them, taking Myles out after his pathetic defending on Tuesday (Yan looked ok in defence in pre-season and it sounds like Josh will still be out – if he had been fit, maybe Kevin would still be in the job??) and giving Reidy a chance, one the few players who has played with energy this season so far:


Higgins Klukowski McGinty Chaney

Young  Lathrope  Gosling

Pittman  Keating  Reid

At least that gives us some pace out wide with JP/Reidy either side of Ruairi, otherwise you’re going with a front two again – and none of the combos have worked so far. Worth a go I reckon Robbie!

5 – Chris Ralph

Well done Chris on his award! The pitch has been superb in recent seasons, one game especially looked like a nailed on cancellation last season and the surface held up brilliantly. Top job mate you should be very proud.


Dominic – TT Editor

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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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