The TT Match Verdict – #TUFC 6-0 Truro 28th July 17

Sam Druiff talks us through the #TUFC players who gave Truro a stuffing on Friday night!

Going into the final pre season game at home to Truro after a fairly mediocre pre season so far I wasn’t sure what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect to be 4-0 up in half an hour, albeit against a very poor Truro side.

Clarke – 7

Ryan had very little to do, but when called upon he was more than adequate. I think he’s as good if not better than Brendan Moore.

Higgins – 9

I have to start with that goal, taking the ball forward, cutting onto his left and slamming a peach into the top corner on his wrong foot. Also without the goal he was class, constantly up and down creating chances on the wing, and brilliant at the back defensively. It looked like a very exciting partnership with himself and Jordan Lee on the right, overlapping, skill and pace.

Klukowski – 7

Yan was solid, and proving to be a good utility man. Rarely had much to do in the game in all fairness, but solid all the same.

McGinty – 7

Similar to Yan, faultless when called upon but it was a fairly quiet evening for both centre backs. I think McGinty is in for a really good season, he proved he was good enough last season and I think he’ll really push on during 17-18.

Chaney – 8

Sam is certainly proving me wrong at the moment. He has really showed the undoubted quality he has with the ball. When he went into the midfield in the second half he looked dangerous, creating plenty of chances. If he can just toughen up and really focus this season he could be one to watch.

Lee – 9.5

Outstanding. It’s a massive signing having Jordan back, he really has the ability to impact a game and was unlucky not to score in the first half. And like I said about Higgins, the pair seem to have a good understanding on the right wing.

Young – 9

This was Luke at his best, basically dictating the game from midfield; how we have got him for another season I don’t know! The free kick two minutes in set the tone for his game, a brilliantly whipped ball catching the keeper out on his blind side.

Lathrope – 7

Damon had a steady game, apart from his screamer of a finish! It was the type of game you expect, he tidied up and protected the back four.

Reid – 7

Reidy did what Reidy does; he ran quickly at their full backs and rarely found a good end product but still proved a handful. If he could cross and finish he’d be a league player. He reminds me of Lloyd Macklin, for those who have the pleasure of remembering!

Keating – 7.5

Poor old Ruairi, so unfortunate not to score, deserved a goal but it never came. Worked his socks off and will continue to be a fan favourite. Seemed to work well with Gray.

Gray – 9

Scored two, and deserved them. Constant high work rate was brilliant, worked well with Keating, good value for good goals.

Subs: Pitman – 8, Fallon – 6, Osborn – 5, Mitchel – 7, Gosling – 8

Pitman scored a brilliantly finished goal, and chipped the keeper with a lovely dink that was ruled out by the linesman’s flag. His speed and experience will be vital for us this season. Gosling was similar to Lee. Lee went to LB and Gosling went to the wing, and worked very well with Higgins. Goslings left foot and skill is brilliant, his versatility is a bonus.

Sam Druiff – TT Contributor

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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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