The Weekly TT Blog 3rd July 17

Editor @DomRoman with his latest 5 Discussion Points on Your Team:

1 – Signings

Four more signings since my last blog. Of the four Liam Davis is the one I’m most looking forward to seeing; much like Higgins he sounds like an attacking full back and that should give us a better balance. No disrespect to LRT, but his forays forward were rare (one in each half!) and lacked belief. If Liam can do his defensive duties as well as overlap the midfield, then we are in business!

I mentioned about Reidy coming down to Plainmoor again and I don’t mind having him back. He is happy to fill in upfront or on the wing, and bought in to Nico’s request of work-rate from his attackers. Courtney replacement Yan Klukowski is another 30+ year old and will boost the midfield options (in a good way I hope!). Nico will hope he’ll fill the midfield utility player gap left by Verma ( I wonder if he’s any good at right-back!!).

That leaves Neal Osborn who was previously down here as a youth player. He may be a young player, but at 6 foot 3 inches the boy is fully grown and will want to push Clarke for the Number One jersey. These four have a mixture of experience and youth that Nico wants in his troop, and we aren’t far off a full squad now. We still need cover at the back and wingers/attackers up the other end – players who can excite, create and score goals. We’ll do well to find them!

2 – The Club Badge

Every move made by GI will face heavy scrutiny from the fans, so the revamp of the club badge was always going to cause some ripples of consternation! I actually think it looks pretty good; a smart design that should look the part on our new Nike strip (I didn’t expect to be saying that!).

As supporters we have every right to question all of the owners moves, but I think we should be wary of making everything into a negative chain-reaction. We should be on guard of course, but open-minded in judging decisions/developments that could benefit the club (difficult I know!) such as recent announcements on the new kit and the ongoing improvements to the website/social media.

3 – The Ground Decision

In Family Fortunes style the TUFC survey said X! Who said the survey wouldn’t be heard? Well the feedback given on the worries about a new ground (and of course that popular petition) did make a difference and the postponement of any decision by the mayor was very welcome.

At the moment there are no proper plans in place and it is not the right time for Torquay United to be considering a move (indeed it may never be). The owners will need to work with what they have at the moment, and assuming they don’t make any rash sale decision;  enhancing footballing matters will be at the forefront. This is splendid news for me as I always want focus to be on-field rather than off; that is after all why we support a football club isn’t it?!

4 – Tim Sills

The retirement of Tim last week was followed by many tweets and retweets of that 2009 day out at Wembley. That was indeed Sillsy’s ‘moment’ at United, but as a player he was so much more to the club. In times of difficulty (and rubbish weather), the target man never shied away from the action. He would fight tooth and nail in every battle, and scored big goals in our biggest games. As a player he may have had his limitations, but with the heart of a lion and as a leader – his time at the club will always be fondly remembered.

5 – TUFC Captaincy

Who should be TUFC Captain for 17-18?

It looks like a four-horse race between Luke Young, Sean McGinty, Josh Gowling and Damon Lathrope. Nico mentioned the captaincy in his interview and hinted that it could be any of those guys. I’d rule out Damon due to his injury problems, he’ll do well to play 30+ games in 17-18.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sean is given the nod (with Josh lending him a guiding hand), with Luke told to concentrate on his form/fitness in driving our midfield. I don’t think the captaincy will make or break our season whoever is chosen; the whole team has to lead by example and push us onto greater things – take responsibility boys!


Dominic – TT Editor (Missing Football!)




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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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