The TT Weekly Blog – 16th May 17



It took a little while (don’t most things with TUFC!) but the ticket prices and season ticket sales were finally announced last week. What’s my verdict? Well I don’t mean to be a fence sitter honest, however the prices for season tickets look reasonable to me.

Last year it was a cut-price deal from a board desperate for funds and lacking business nous, whilst before that I think we paid over £350 on Bristow’s. So £275 for my adult ticket on BB is a decent middle ground and equals roughly 14.5 games, meaning missing a few wouldn’t see people out of pocket. Meanwhile the Pop ST is a little less value for money (equalling about 16.5 games).

What’s the take-up going to be like? Much will depend on:

A) How the squad starts to shape up; if people like Young and Sparkes sign up soon then that would certainly help!

B) How much the GI ownership has put people off; are they willing to part with their money to GI?

I will be renewing. This is my club and I will continue to support Nico and whoever is playing for him next season.


We have entered some kind of news exclusion zone regarding TUFC players at the moment. The news is there is no news! I’m guessing the players are taking time-out to assess their options and hopefully we should start to hear of squad bolstering in the next week or two.

It’s a catch 22 situation really, players want to know that other players are signing up before committing themselves – I just hope that the likes of Young and Sparkes take the plunge, others put pen to paper as well and optimism levels can begin to increase again. It’s not panic time at the moment, so calm yourself and trust in Nico to get the job done!


The most popular team in the Conference (or not!) finally got the job done! With the financial backing that FGR have had it was inevitable they would reach the league at some point, and at the weekend it was at the expense of Tranmere Rovers. I think we will all miss the Xmas/New Year double-header; those games have become instant classics!

This leaves Eastleigh as our most local away journey, followed by a short journey to Aldershot! The poor travel club must be tearing their hair out. It wouldn’t be so bad if Newport had come down to soften the blow; instead we get Jeff Stelling’s Hartlepool! Ah well never mind I know the Yellow Army will do their best as always, and set those early alarm clocks again from August to April.


The friendlies list has taken up a usual pattern of Argyle plus any local teams (always Tivvy) that will have us! Plymouth Parkway is an odd fixture; when I first saw it I thought we were playing a train station XI! Maybe we’ll get another Premiership/Championship fixture to bump up the calendar – here’s hoping anyway.


So the next H2H fanzine (due out soon) will be the last for the time being. It’s disappointing as Editor Rob has spent so much time and effort on the zine to make it a brilliant read, and I’m sure the zine will be missed by all who subscribed.

Personally writing for H2H has re-awakened my own enthusiasm for writing which has resulted in TorquayTalk coming to life. It’s also gathered together a number of terrific writers who love the club as much as I do. So show your appreciation to Rob and make sure you buy the latest issue; I’m sure it will go out with a triumphant bang!


Dominic – TT Editor

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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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