The TT Weekly Blog – 8th May 2017



We got news from the club on the contract talks, and it was not a retained list as such – more of a ‘work in progress’ report. No surprises in the key players Nico is trying to keep at the club, and those that are considering their options (very similar to my article last week actually…). Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like the budget has been increased much, though Kevin says he has had encouraging talks with the owners.

So Nico will be juggling his resources again in an effort to get a quality balanced squad at Plainmoor in the coming weeks. I think there is the basis of a promising team if the right players re-sign, but let’s not kid ourselves – the squad needs plenty of polish to push us soaring up the table in 2017-18.


I didn’t want to miss the game at the weekend, a chance to see the 2004 boys back in action was too tempting. It was a bit spooky watching the lads again after all these years, as it was almost like watching a slow-motion version of 13 years ago!

Early on Leroy’s ex-charges controlled the match (before it became a sub free for all!), with Reuben calm at the back (looked like he could still do a job for us!), Alex Russell keeping it ticking along in midfield, the familiar sight of Hilly leaping at the back post, Beds running down the wing and Jo Kuffour skilful + busy upfront.

Apart from that even I struggled to pick out a lot of the players, especially in Compo’s team; changes in size, shape and hair making it difficult! All in all a decent afternoon for a very worthwhile cause!


Credit to the club for allowing this game to happen at Plainmoor, but I just wished Torquay United could have been busier and helped make even more money for Rowcroft.

By busier I mean by doing more promotion for the event, providing more entertainment for the kids (there was after all plenty about), more food and drink options, and maybe having some events organised with the players afterwards – something more than just the raffle/auction. 2004 was after all one of our best ever seasons, and the chance to get many of the same boys together may not come again for a while. It could have been a proper day of activities.

It was just too low-key really – more support and push from TUFC could have been win-win by not only benefitting the club but more importantly the charity. Maybe one day we’ll get more proactive at these sort of things, but I’m not holding my breath just yet….


It was an exciting end to the season, and the club needs to take advantage of the good vibes coming from the Braintree and North Ferriby games. Season Ticket details should be up and running by now, and sales under way. Too slow people!

No idea what the prices will be like. The club set a rod for their own back last season by charging £200 around the ground – I can’t imagine they will be that low again? Maybe £250 in Bristow’s and £225 in the Family Stand and Pop?

Of course my bank balance would like less £ – however if the club is going to balance books and maximise the player budget (whilst still attracting supporters), then that kind of prices would be reasonable. Please just don’t suddenly put it over £300 again – then there could be a mutiny!


It’s a Tranmere Rovers V Forest Green Play-Off final. There’s no doubt which team will take more supporters to Wembley! The gate for FG’s semi-final was still very low, illustrating how it really is a rugby area and football is always going to struggle to attract a decent crowd. I’ll be supporting Tranmere — they are a proper league club with history and tradition, whilst the Xmas cracker fixtures against FG would be very much missed!


Dominic – TT Editor


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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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