I don’t think anyone would argue that Aman and the rest of the team gave 100% against Chester. Loose balls were hotly contested, bodies were thrown in front of passes and shots, and the boys did everything in their power to get a result – even after Anderson’s red card.

The trouble is quality, we just didn’t show enough of it to beat a team like Chester. They are a typical mid-table side – strong enough in defence and attack to pick up points home and away, but lacking any X-Factor to push any higher. With some additions for Nico that could have been us.

Looking back we really needed those levels of commitment in January and February, where points were dropped needlessly against various teams. One shot on target is just not good enough – even if it was an unbelievable save from their keeper. The harsh truth is that we are in big bother (like you need me to tell you!).


Let’s push on with some optimism for Number 2! Sure we have two formidable away fixtures coming up and it is difficult to see us picking up points. However the lads are having a go, and with a big turn-out from the Yellow Army, there’s always a chance we can get something at Aldershot. It needs the defence to stand firm and someone (anyone!) to take a chance upfront – Sparkes will be back from the start I guess, so could he be the man again?

I’ll be there on Saturday to cheer them on (watch out for my TT VERDICT, about time I had a win to report on….), and I hope I’m joined by plenty in the away end. Let’s make plenty of noise again and try to make a difference – it’s all we can ever do.


So our new owner wants questions but no bad language, that’s difficult at this time but not impossible! As many of you have already said, it’s expected that the questions will be vetted and the best options chosen (rather than the best questions!). So don’t disallow ‘What’s your favourite colour? being in there.

Anyway I believe there are three or four main topics of concern that are shared my most of the supporters – here is a taster of my questions (there is much more to ask):


Why was the team not strengthened recently in our greatest time of need, and how come the signings fell through just before the deadline?

What are your intentions if we get relegated, will we stay full-time? Will you invest to get us back up to the National League?


Are you confident of getting full ownership of Plainmoor?

If you do, can you provide any assurances that any new ground in the future will be built BEFORE anything happens to Plainmoor?

AND If you don’t, will you still hold any interest in Torquay United?

Who knows whether we will get proper answers to any of those type of questions, we shall see…


The United ladies are playing at Plainmoor on Sunday against Keynsham at 2pm. It’s free entry so a good chance to go along and support Adele Rogers and the rest of the team if you have time. I hope they have more luck on the pitch than the men’s team have recently!


I thought Damon’s performance last Saturday was excellent. It reminded me of when he played for Martin Ling; reading passes and breaking up attacks with unerring regularly. Even he would admit it’s been a struggle this season and I have been critical of his form in recent months. However now he’s playing all the time and is match fit we are seeing the best of the midfielder.

No doubt we’ll need him to play to that level again at Aldershot and Lincoln, as the pressure will be on from two of the league’s best teams.



Dominic – TT Editor


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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

One thought on “THE WEEKLY TT BLOG 5th April

  1. A great list of TT points this week, Dominic, I couldn’t have written it better myself!

    Yes, the lads are showing fighting spirit and are closing down the opposition more effectively now…
    and yes, we lack any real quality. I agree, two or three players with some of that would have made the difference. I was present at Solihull, and am travelling to Aldershot on Saturday when maybe we’ll bump
    into each other!

    Re the questions to C.Osborne, the one which SHOULD be answered by both himself AND the mayor/council
    is ‘if a new stadium is built, will this be BEFORE any movements with Plainmoor are considered?’ You
    just have to look no further than to the current plight of Truro City down the road or to the never
    realised dreams of a faulted ownership and council at Coventry City! Both are now groundless with
    extremely angry and anxious supporters, I have visited both recently.

    Secondly, any proposed plan for an ‘event stadium’ has to be financially viable and protect TUFC’s
    interests and ambitions of returning to becoming a league club.

    Certainly in my opinion, this is the most vulnerable our club has ever been since I began as a
    supporter in 1968, and I’ve witnessed all the great escapes!

    Cheers, and COYY,
    Mike/Michel Thomas (TUST, member, and season ticket holder)

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