THE WEEKLY TT BLOG 6th March 17 – And we thought Sutton was bad…

1 – NICO OUT??

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. When Kevin manufactured the ‘great escape’ last season, our momentum looked to be switching upwards for a change. New owners were apparently in the bag, so surely we could put together a better 16-17?

WRONG! Ownership was delayed and the side has been downgraded.  Cheap options have been sourced or kept (Lathrope, LRT, Verma, Gerring etc), and we all know Nico’s resources have been limited.

HOWEVER there has been sufficient quality in the squad to do better, and Nico’s tactics have chopped and changed unsuccessfully. Meanwhile amateurish errors continue to creep in – have the team lost faith in their manager?

The backroom cavalry has arrived to help carry Kevin’s heavy load (new scout and GM), but Saturday’s reaction from the fans was poignant and more inept performances may see a ‘parting of ways’. Kevin will do all he can to turn things round – I really hope he can do it.


I don’t think I’ve seen such annoyance at full-time in Plainmoor for ages. Losing to a dreadful Guiseley team, really pushed many of the supporters over the edge. I didn’t bother booing – the players are feeling bad enough without me chipping him BUT I share their frustrations. Far too much talking has been done and very little doing.

I actually thought the players commitment and attitude was better this week, and then we throw it away with incompetence at the back. We have shown patience and support, so why do they put us through this heartache?!


I watched the interview over the weekend. It was fairly predictable, and on the positive side Clarke talked plenty of business sense (even if he was wearing tinted glasses). Sustainability, community involvement, bigger crowds etc. are all things we should be aiming for/improve. He is evidently optimistic about the new ground, and the better parking options it will give us (I assume TT editors will have plum positions!).

As we all know Football is like no other business and before all those future plans can be dreamed of, we need the team in the National League. Is GI ready to sacrifice funds to keep us afloat in the NL; do they have that level of commitment? The appointments of Geoff Harrop and Dave Hedges give us hope that change is afoot, but neither of those are winning us three points at the moment.


A chief scout is a position Nico really needed a year ago (along with a bigger budget). Finding players who will bring the right qualities to the team has been a big problem, and Dave looks to have know-how and contacts to be a major asset for the club. I look forward to some young Southampton hot-shots showing off at Plainmoor, assuming Nico will give them a game!


Unlike the team on the pitch, the TT site has been gathering momentum and gently been making it’s presence felt. I hope the articles illustrate our true passion for the club, and how much we desperately want us to WIN (and how much we desperately hate losing!). There’s plenty more to follow as the season comes to it’s end; ‘relegation six-point cup finals’ are coming up and we’ll do our best to have it covered!

The Week Ahead

Huge game against Southport coming up on Saturday (followed by Tranmere soon after)…we can take the THREE POINTS, do Nico and the players have any belief left to do it? Keep backing them if you can; you never know things may eventually get better….

Dominic Roman – TT Editor

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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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