TUFC PROGRAMME: View from Bristow’s – Guiseley 4th Mar 17

I wrote this blog a little later this week in anticipation of providing some comments on the Solihull game (preferably positive ones!); but it wasn’t to be. A cruel ‘game on, game off’ situation occurred and the Yellow Army were left high and dry with no match to watch.

Instead I’ll concentrate on that Sutton loss to start with (I’ll keep it as brief as possible!). The football gods hand out unbelievable scripts at times don’t they, and the goalkeeper situation was one of them. After pie-gate maybe it was inevitable?!

Anyway at 1-0 and with their goalie limping off, we really did think on Bristow’s three points would be ours. With a lead and the upper hand in the first half it was all smiles. Then defensive calamity struck, followed by a terrible second half. All doom and gloom at the end as the wind and rain got us on the way out; what a painful Saturday afternoon!

One phrase that gets plenty of mentions these days is how ‘Torquay’ like things are, or that’s a very ‘Torquay’ like thing to happen. The Sutton match was an example of this, and to be honest I find it hard to hear. Too many years of hurt have built up, and our reputation requires a reboot that is for sure.

The Riviera Stadium Ltd are charged with the vital reboot, and have officially taken control this week. These will be interesting times at Plainmoor, and we will all look forward to the first fans forum to be scheduled.

Football matters are always the priority, and before the owners can think of restoring the team to former glories it’s all about getting a foothold in the National League. I understand frustrations over form and questions over managerial decisions, but I also know we’re only a win or two from pushing up the league.

My other article in the programme this week focusses on the letter S. This letter has been a busy one (unlike Q), and includes some big characters for the club. None are bigger than Robin Stubbs, who still supports United after all these years and has been lending a hand to the Supporters Club. Robin played in a tremendous time for Torquay United, and will be hoping good times return in the near future (don’t we all).

Back to today and a huge fixture against fellow struggler Guiseley. These are the sort of points that we were winning regularly at the end of last season, and the players have to step up to the mark once again. YOU CAN DO IT LADS!

Come on you yellows!

Dominic Roman

Bristow’s Bench Season Ticket Holder



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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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