My TUFC Dream Team by Peter Wade

“If you want dependable, win it in the air and take no prisoners, then he was your man” – Peter on Alex Watson

Peter Wade is next up to choose his TUFC Dream Team 

Peter Wade – @PeterWa76773639

Having moved to Devon in 1984 to teach at Coombeshead School I was then a Kettering Town and Blackburn Rovers fan. My first game at Plainmoor was on 24th February 1987, to see the all-conquering Northampton Town of that season. It wasn’t until that the 1996-97 season that I could claim to have become a Gulls fan, when Chris and I started going regularly. In my time I have been to 593 home games and 280 away, so seen a few players; my selection is based on both quality and sentiment.

1 – Kevin Dearden

Perhaps not the best we ever had but the most consistent over a long period. He was solid, a great shot stopper and really good in one-on-one situations.

2 – Paul Holmes

He was quality both defensively and going forward. The fact that Everton bought and played him says something.

3 – Kevin Nicholson

On so many fronts he was so good. Yes not quick, but wingers never did him and what a left foot, Tim Sills etc must have thought all their birthdays had come at once.

4 – Chris Hargreaves

Midfield is a hard choice but you need an enforcer and he was good at that and leadership; oh that goal at Wembley.

5 – Steve Woods

We have his signed shirt framed in the hall. What a player, he read the game so well and one game at Ebbsfleet stands out when he just bossed the game – oh and like Nico such a nice bloke.

6 – Alex Watson

Another hard choice, but if you want dependable, win it in the air and take no prisoners, then he was your man.

7 – Chris Zebroski

Not everybody’s choice as he was a bit hit and miss, but on his day he was total quality and popped up with so many important goals. We talked to him in a Manchester bar after the play-off final and he was totally gutted and annoyed that MUFC had watered the pitch and the ball just wouldn’t run.

8 – Alex Russell

Well it has to be, as he is the best Gulls midfield player I have ever seen, why did he not play at a higher level – he would today. He saw a pass so early, rode challenges, if not that dire one from Flitcroft at Rochdale in the first minute and the Ref bottled it. He was still great when I saw him play for Shepton Mallet at Buckland in 2015.

9 – Tim Sills

I know he wasn’t the most natural, and couldn’t do it in EFL but a proper centre forward when we needed one. How many people have said that his Wembley goal is their #1 highlight; we were right behind that header and as it flew in time slowed down I will swear.

10 – David Graham

Oh he was good that promotion season, his movement, pace and finishing were just so good. I remember Dave Thomas telling me just how much extra training Graham and Russell did so that he knew when Alex would play the ball.

11 – Rodney Jack

Another player that just makes you want to go back in time so you could see that goal v Scarborough in the play-off game, it bent miles. Never quite sure of his best position, would be great in a 4-3-3 today.


Nicky Wroe

Quality on the ball, shame he never did get one in from the half-way line.

Rene Howe

So good on the ball, perhaps not selfish enough as a striker.

Paul Levie – Torbay News Agency

Luke Young

Worked so hard for the cause in a series of poor sides and that goal, oohh.

Chris Curran

Another quality defender, and good on the ball when it wasn’t fashionable.

Brian Healey 

Not quite Alex R but I loved to watch him, he was several thoughts ahead of most players.


Gary Johnson

Could have been Buckle or Rosenior but for the quality of football we played last year, his brilliant attitude to the fans and for bringing us back from the dead, he gets the job.


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  1. He did not play for us at his peak but Bruce Rioch took some beating and some of his long range goals!

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